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    RII wiring help

    Do you know if Birch and Audiax have the same wiring set up? I know Birch wiring.
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    Working RII needed ASAP

    Displaying a ride truck at the World Finals and need an RII per their requirements. Birch is gonna be awhile before they have one in and we don't want to push it to the end. Call or text anytime Thanks
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    Truck Related Slick 'N' Ace build

    You'll be fine using your Hobart with flux wire. I have a buddy that came to my shop to check out the new truck under construction and I was asking him if he thinks my welder is stout enough. He's a certified welder for over 20 years and welds for a living. I showed him my welds and how the...
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    RII questions

    There is no mandated spot for the RII box. Most put in on the right side of the cab within reach so it can be reset if needed.
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    Stopping at weigh stations - Copied from Fabrication Board

    Registered RV and blow by weigh stations. Only stopped once and showed him registered RV and on our way after about 5 minutes.
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    Me, driving Wrecking Crew :)

    Congrats Steph
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    Logan, UT Sept 21/22 Monster Truck Madness in the Mountains

    RSVP on Facebook and get your tickets at or either Logan O'Reilly Auto Parts locations
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    Truck Related Built up.

    Keep the pictures coming!!!
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    Reckless drivin' complete

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    Truck Related Monster mayham site info

    And I do have access. :) But I think it's the thread starter here that would like access.
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    Truck Related Monster mayham site info

    Hey Steven, he would like access to the Industry Section
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    Please Keep Timothy Knerr's Family in your prayers

    Remember the good times. Lost my dad a couple of years ago. It's rough
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    Wheel tethers

    We use empty coolant bottles and keep kitty litter on hand. Cant afford the fancy stuff yet :p
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    Shortiron II

    Ah man, I'm going 72 GMC on my new truck. :cool: