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  • Jake, need to ask a favor of you. I already have all the tickets needed for all of the Portland monster jams but I am in need of 4 pit passes? I tried to buy when tickets purchased, nope. Saw online today that they are now available so I returned to Rose garden only to be told they needed to be ordered online. I go to order online and it is setup so I cannot just buy pitpass without event ticket. Last year we arrivede to a sold out pit party and had to scramble to find help getting in, Rick Swanson set us up, I am hoping to avoid that this year but cannot arrive early to buy the day of show......can you help me out for 4 pit passes to Portland?

    Hey Jake Sammy Baca here and was wondering if you could please inform me what shows for pro-arenas are scheduled for us after April. I think Santa Rosa in April. But? I'd appreciate this info. I been checking out websites,but nothings updated yet. I sure would like to figure out a way to get your help with my truck if possible. I just need help with the rollcage and maybe suspension work. You do sheetmetal work right? I need to find a place were I can fab this truck if possible. I'm living in Manteca and my truck is in my garage.510-258-3594 if you have any ideas. Thanks!
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