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    Samson / PEI 6th Annual Open House - Oct 10th

    Coming fast next weekend in Circleville, Ohio. Always a packed house full of activities and a rare peak inside Patrick Enterprises.
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    RIP Gary Lee

    Article: Very sad news. RIP Gary Lee. Completely agree with Cale's statement. Army Armstrong and Gary were a heck of a pairing and a welcomed voice every weekend on Trucks & Tractor...
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    Truck Related PEI 5th Annual Open House - October 4th

    Saturday October 4th, 2014 in Circleville, OH at the PEI headquarters. More monster trucks will be on display, Raminator ride truck, plus car & tractor show. I hope to finally make the trek out there this year. Seems to expand larger every year!
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    For Sale West 49 Monster Jam Skate a Zoid complete set

    Trucks are sold as of now. Thanks for the interest!
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    For Sale West 49 Monster Jam Skate a Zoid complete set

    For Sale: Complete set of the hard to find Hot Wheels Monster Jam West 40 Skate a Zoid trucks. Each color had an estimated production run of 5,000 and you had to spend $20 in the West 49 skate shop just to get 1 truck. These came and went fast and there's little evidence to support all 15,000...
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    Samson Open House October 12th

    2013 is the 30th Anniversary of the Samson Monster Truck!! In the fall of 1983 at the 4 Wheel Drive Jamboree in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Samson Monster Truck, owned and driven by Don Maples of Huntsville, Alabama made its debut. Dan and Chris Patrick purchased the truck and name in 1988...
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    Paul Shafer Motorsports Website Unsafe To Use?

    sites get hacked. The browser is warning you not to proceed, so I wouldn't.
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    Back with a modified name...

    Daniel, the old name should be working now. Please try it. Steven, I didn't know how to merge the two usernames so I only unbanned the Daniel G account. If a merge is logical, go for it.
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    Back with a modified name...

    What's your original username?
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    Copyrighted photos for sale on eBay

    A heads-up for anyone owning some particular photos of Grave Digger, Bigfoot, Monster Mutt, Swamp Thing, Maximum Destruction, Aussie Batman, Bounty Hunter and Airforce Afterburner... eBay seller "bocaclocks" is selling unauthorized re-prints in poster sizes. Of course, one of my shots happens to...
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    Eldora Monster jam?

    ...and do you have a source for that info? Did they announce something or is this just speculation?
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    Porter County Fair - Paul Shafer Motorsports

    Sounds like was Paul Shafer, Jr. driving Ozz Monster on a Monster Patrol chassis. Not too shabby:
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    monster jam and tmb sites?

    They're working right now.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    Stand on the throttle and pull it back down! NICE!
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    Show Related Monster Truck Madness IV at Soaring Eagle Casino July 6th

    Midwest Monster Truck Events returns to Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant Michigan for Monster Truck Madness IV on July 6th! Pit Party 5:30 - 6:30. Racing begins at 7pm! Plus, Demolition Derby and Sand Drags! NINE MONSTER TRUCKS: Avenger - Jim Koehler Barbarian - Devin Jones...