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    World Finals 15

    5 seconds of searching and common sense would've confirmed otherwise.
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    Off-Topic Red Bull Frozen Rush 2014

    That looked so awesome, can't wait to see it on TV! Nice pictures too
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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    I'll just leave this here
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    New Digger Legend - It's Not Pretty...

    No, but a little common sense (which I know many of you don't have) goes a long way. What are these poor decisions you speak of? Being far and away the biggest monster truck promoter on the planet and all? They give the people what they want and the people buy it! Consider that in the...
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    New Digger Legend - It's Not Pretty...

    Yes, all these poor decisions that are making them millions.
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    Preview show

    What were you all expecting? Every year it's been an hour long infomercial with footage from the past year, and yet every year you all are shocked that it's another hour long show highlighting the world finals and giving a brief preview of new trucks. The point is for casual fans to see the...
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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    I'm stoked for this show too, awesome lineup for a "smaller" show. As for travel partners, it seems some trucks only have "half" schedules because their trucks are going overseas, so they could be changing up partners midway through the season. Or I could be completely wrong lol
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    Feld consolidates into massive Florida facility

    I had heard about them moving to Florida a while ago, but this is awesome to finally see the place, very impressive!
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    Monster Jam Losing Popularity?

    Considering they have expanded to more events internationally (Australia and UAE), built a new shop in Florida, continue to sell out huge stadiums on an annual basis, and have made their premier event even bigger, I'm going to go ahead and say their popularity is only increasing.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    Not monster trucks, but I think/hope you would appreciate this:
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    Truck Related Australia Bigfoot

    Looks mean, I like it, especially the font used for "Bigfoot" on the truck
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    Eldora Monster jam?

    That name you just thought of was Dallas Glenn-Roger's idea about 5 years ago
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    SST events removed from Bigfoot's website

    Considering they did events in venues that host Monster Jam, I'm going to assume that it has less to do with Feld and a lot to do with the cost it is to put on events versus how much they're making (or not making?). I'm sure it's not cheap to rent out Cowboys Stadium, plus the cost of...
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    SST - Cowboys Stadium Event cancelled

    Can you expand on what point you're trying to make about his energy drink availability and what it has to do with events being canceled?