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    POD METLIFE 20 Trucks and front flip attempt

    Just pull a nice slap wheelie and go hammer down into a shorter jammer stack. Front ****in flip right there boys.
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    why so many trucks in denver this year?

    Big markets can sell big tickets and support big shows. Maybe they're thinking if they put on a big show at the arena and sell a ton of tickets - then perhaps they'll look at a summer show at Sports Authority Field.
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    Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

    This is AWESOME! For the naysayers and those posing devil's advocate questions: you **** well know how this will work. Tom and Dennis will drive their respectively named trucks for as long as they are in the business. Don't make this about something it isn't. This is a points race that gives...
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    Question About Dennis Taft's Photos

    Yes it does. Do you give photo credit to every single photo you borrow for one of your "videos?" As for Taft, screw Taft. He basically made a game of pillaging the web for photos years ago and claiming them as his own once he placed his craptastic logo on them and hosted them on his...
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    Frankly I'm just excited to see something different, and also pleased they are adding a points system into the mix at the same time. I'll be going to the Des Moines Saturday night show. In recent years I've always taken my GoPro and recorded the show but this time out I'll likely just see...
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    This thread is dead and needs revival, I give you a monster truck RACE from 24 years ago. Courtesy of the one and only, Don Frankish. (or at least that is the YouTube username whom posted the following:
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    Steering wheel and trans shifter

    Art Carr shifters are very popular in the off-roading world. Tons of configurations available too.l
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    Thanks Ed, I can't hardly put into words what my time spent with you meant to my life as a whole (a helluva lot), but I learned more about this world in 6 months than I had in my previous 25 some odd years, and I don't just mean in the monster truck world. Thank you again for the opportunity...
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    No, no it isn't. Dumpsters are cheap and every city has a large waste contractor who would love to rent more dumpsters; monster trucks are owned by few and they are located a lot farther apart and cost a lot more to repair.
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    Floor size and market capacity has more to do with it than anything. You've gotta have the space to safely park the trucks and there's no reason to book 8 trucks into a show that will sell-out with 6. Know what I mean?
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    Slick and Ace

    That's better, big block grunt. I'm not very familiar with Mopar stuff, at least not to identify via photo from these angles. (as clearly evidenced)
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    Slick and Ace

    Looks like the chassis is based around a small block, interesting. We all can see it's running one currently, but to me, I don't think the primaries would clear the chassis tubing. I'm totally a small block fan, perhaps a heavily worked mouse with big cubes and solid blower set-up could be...
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    Mad Max (2014) Monster Truck

    I thought I remember hearing they are Sturges' trucks, but I'm unsure. Those bodies are darn cool however. :)
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    Darren Migues

    Well, I'm sorry to hear about Mitch getting hurt. But, at the same time, Darren is an awesome guy and one **** of a hard worker, I'm happy to hear he was able to acquire these two chassis. Best of luck to Darren!
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    I wish I had MavTV...Dennis Anderson on the Dave Despain Show this Friday

    The best channel on DirecTV. It's basically a mash up of Speed Channel, Outdoor Network and manly movies.