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    Truck Related Trucks that seldom rolled

    Indy 2011 i believe was the year and location that Bigfoot and Raminator had a collision on the last jump and both rolled.
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    is it just me or does it seem that Gene would have made a great heel wrestling manager. he always played the bad guy part quite well.
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    "Jumping" Trucks?

    i have a Bigfoot one. they are pull-back.
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    1993 matchbox monster wars

    body wise they are about the same length and width. tires are about the same height as the mj trucks from about 99-04.(before they went with the oversized ugly unscale tires and wheels they have now) the tires on the monster war trucks are slightly wider.
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    black wheels on monster trucks

    quite a few truck have run black wheels in the past. as far as the first i am unsure.
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    Taurus/Bearfoot facebook page.

    Mac and Liz Plecker. They own the Extreme Team ride truck and the Ballistic truck. Ballistic ran the Bearfoot graffics for a while.
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    Some Questions

    Plus according to the stats on the Shell-Camino trucks weight is about 9500, which is pretty light compared to alot of the trucks out there right now. I don't know how accurate that weight is, I'm just going by what is on the trucks website and on Dennis Taft's site.
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    So Bigfoot has an IndyCar now

    I thought Andy was involved or had tried to get involved in the Nascar Truck series. I didn't know he was involved in the indy car series.
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    2 truck haulers

    i know that in the past a couple of teams have used the regular box trailers(non drop deck trailers). plus i think when the trucks get sent overseas they are put in shipping containers, those usually have the same height as a regular box trailer. i maybe wrong about what containers are used...
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    Good MT Promoters

    Monster X Tour and Toughest Monster Truck tour both do outdoor shows also.
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    MJ Syracuse

    Syracuse wind?
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    Save Mayhem

    i hope people dont think think that i was implying that this is the end of mayhem. i was just pointing out the lack of traffic here. it just bothered me that there is a lot less traffic than there used to be.
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    Save Mayhem

    I have noticed for quite a while the little traffic here. When I first signed up for this site there used to be new posts/threads all the time. Now it seems there is not even close to the amount. Is there a reason for this? I love this place, and hate to see the lack of new posts or threads.
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    Looking for info on a 1996 show in Tennessee

    i went to a show in about 96 in Weedsport NY that had about 8 trucks run. Reptoid was at the event, but was only used for display at the midway for the fair. Maybe they did the same thing at the show your are describing. i dont know why they brought the truck in for only a display at...
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    2014 Monster Jam 1:24 Line

    i hate to say it but higher education is not a 3-d body