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    Where is Everyone?

    With F nut book getting hacked, this place I like to think is def safer. Not much info to swipe... "standard fare MT has 66" tires" we all know that.
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    Where is Everyone?

    Everyone is one F Nut Book. Possibly Steven can link this form to it??? This form has been around 20 something years.
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    Need ONE or TWO trucks Aug 11-12th

    How many MT events do you promote in that area annually ?
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    NEAPCO driveline parts

    Anyone this brand successfully in a MT? U joints, yokes, weld on spline shafts, etc
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    questions pertaining to Promoting

    And you have to be able to pay the MT's otherwise your reputaion goes in the negative.
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    26th NR/CTPA Championships pictures

    nice!! The smoke out of the pullers stack real creative.
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    What are these?

    What they come off?
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    Mad Max (2014) Monster Truck

    I hope they tossed in the famous phrase "last of the V8s"
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    New truck for this year

    How about where you acquired teh four link bracket flat steels? laser shop? That drive shaft on the floor you may want to upgrade the male spline shaft if it necks down between splines and weld.
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    New truck for this year

    Have a alternator to keep the voltage up for it? Also where did you get the chassis four link mount flats from when you redid screamon demon? Nice work!
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    New truck for this year

    I see a distributor what ignition box are you using?
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    New truck for this year

    On the screamon demon chassis are the new lower and upper 4 link bars same length?
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    BBC camshafts who's using what?

    Go with a cam grinder that is their main line of business , Crane, Comp Cams, Bullet,
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    Truck Related psychoPAT update

    That's nice work. Jim owns\works at machine shop?
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    anyone have any michigan 125a parts?

    A 75B is center articulating machine? and non steetrable knuckles?