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    Pros and Cons of: ZF, 106, and 5 ton axles

    that was a very good read im about ready to start my build after going to moster jam in tampa last weekend and the pit party i sat there studying max d and gun slinger truck there frame and everything is so simple, basic im stuck on the ZF axles i got a set lined up im still iffy on welding...
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    How much money does a FELD Monster Jam driver make?

    i would drive there truck for free if everything is payed for ill take a couple months off work i dont know how the old lady and kids would like it haha
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    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    right when he landed on all 4s he had his hand out the window with crank it up motion so it was not on his part or truck he was ready i though the track lay out was bad didnt have anything for them to jump or cross jump just 2 mounds of dirt with cars as fillers i can get a couple RVs and...
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    Requirements of Working With Monster Jam Track Officials

    everyone is diffrent most of the time the drivers are not there just the crew and had some get upset cause i was trying to help or talk to them and they are busy just got to know when to jump in just start off with small talk then ask if you need a hand most of the time its just with tires. then...
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    Requirements of Working With Monster Jam Track Officials

    was in the pit party but then after the event just hang around the pit area if there anything like they are here security starts to slack off or leave and the fence is section fencing so just find a hole make it look like your spost to be there and do a meet and greet start off by truck looked...
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    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    ya thats a easy way come in of MLK to heims but you got to jump traffic going in or go to HCC west side of the ray j are you guys into mudding or what wouldnt mind meeting up with fellow monster truck guys
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    Requirements of Working With Monster Jam Track Officials

    couple years ago i was in the pits and got to talking to a couple drivers and asking questions and trying to help them load up and was more help then the guys he was paying and he was looking for some parts sun gears and some other stuff i made a couple phone calls and got what he needed since...
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    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    ya the do something before and durring the show with bikes or 4 wheelers cars just something i been watching them for years been to everyone at RJ since it was built white fox were you comming from we go like 2+ hours before the show and have like 60 people and a couple kegs and cookers last...
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    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    good to see some florida guys running who is running the ice cream man truck zombie where you from im 15 minutes from raymond james
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    Pros and Cons of: ZF, 106, and 5 ton axles

    how are they putting brakets on the ZF axles with them being cast steel and where are they making the axle stronger at (shafts, hubs, gears?) and i got some axles from a couple lulls i cut up i need to dig them out and see what i got might need to put them to use
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    Truck Related Slick 'N' Ace build

    how you making the mold of the truck like pannels or hole i done fenders and bed side nothing that big
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    Helping At Monster Jam Events

    i been wanting to do the same in tampa florida at ramond james i do the A/C for the place so i get all access passes but my work takes up to much time to even show up before the event unless im working on the A/C at the stadium then i talk to them all
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    Your Day Job

    i do A/C work tech and installer and hoping to start building more trucks on the side
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    OT: what do you drive?

    99 cummins dually 4x4 96 cummins dually 4x4 88 crysler 5th ave street beater i look at speed bumps as jumps in this car, and phone poles as turning guides. and the mud truck is a 01 rear motor s10 on 23.1 (65 inches tall)
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    Press Release Southern Monster Truck Showdown (Amite, LA and Lake City, FL)

    how much are gate fees and got a driver list for the lake city show i got some property 10 miles up the road and would like to meet some drivers to bounce some ideas around thanks longstreet