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    I'm guessing it wasn't used when they tore it apart 10 years ago. And here it sits. Have the location for Paul's auto yard?
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    War Master

    It was in a magazine on 48's also right?
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    Thunder Chicken

    When the tokyo dome ushra event was going on they needed american cars to crush and each one either was scraped for or worth 1000 dollars. Aparently a scrap yard owner by the name of Koichi Maeda ( i think thats spelled right) wanted something to use to crush down old cars for scrap and made...
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    Monster Truck model build off

    O____O im speechless haha. Thats awesome!
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    Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread

    About the thunder chicken restoration Kid And Tom dont think it will be done for another year. They have done work but its slow since they have had a lot of business lateley and still have damage from the floods of last year which damaged toms shop bad so they had to do a good amount of work to...
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    Monster Truck model build off

    Amazing as always steve!
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    Truck Related Bearfoot. Holy cow how did everyone miss this.

    Wonder if Rick will restore it as BF4 or just keep the bf5 style
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    OBS forsale

    What trucks is he selling? i hope not the 4wd puller or the midnight expres, or WORSE the 37:eek:
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    Favorite Mike Welch MT?

    Ive always liked the original mash ,Destroyer 1 , Muscle Beach , Chuck Wagon , Free wheelie , then the lime Green freakshow
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    Black El Toro Loco

    I agree bulldozer is iconic in my opinion and should be back with the original look
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    2005 Crash Dummies truck 1/64???

    Also they list captain america in 2003 or something like that!
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    MustRead RIP Joe Lowe

    i have been going to west lebbanon for years and was always happy to go and see him. West Leb will never be the same R.I.P. Joe.
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    HOF Anyone??

    Ill be their and will be also suportin Mike and bring some rare gems along with me. Im also making a model of the muscle beach Mike dropped with a crane for display.
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    GTS fiberglass pieces off UFO an Black Stallion

    Ive wanted to share this for a while keep forgetting here they are
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    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Thats simply awesome!!! along with rebuilds of King kong,samson 2, and thunder chicken this is one great year for the old skool trucks!!