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    2015 MJ first wave...get ready for "Battle Slammers"

    anyone else think of the movie Idiocracy when they see those trucks with those attachments?
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    Larry Quick???

    thats why i dont have facebook... just looked at monster x tours facebook page i lol'd
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    Fantasy Factory Final Season Monster Truck?

    looking at his instagram down the page a little bit he has the Old Ampm boss painted blue with a unicorn horn on it
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    Monster truck conspiracy theory's

    no, Mike Welch did
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    Monster truck NASCAR

    no... even if they would try, trucks would have to refuel every lap.... so yea major no...
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    Thunder Beast Sold ???

    yea i was wondering that too.
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    New Monster Jam Video Game in 2013?

    honestly no matter what they would throw into a new Monster jam game, it wouldn't even come close to what The Simmonsters guy's have done with Rigs Of Rods already....(as in realism) i mean come on here in a few years(by the time the new monster jam game would come out) the simmonsters guy...
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    Truck Related Official Old School Video Thread

    that last video is awesome. never really knew they actually did "exhibitions" like in the actual NES bigfoot game had in it.
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    Monster Jam Track Building

    i guess its different around here then.. When i went to the First monster jam show ever(2 years ago) at Matthew Knight arena here in Eugene Oregon it was a Concrete show.. weird thing is tho the week after(nothing at all in between) PBR came to town and filled the arena with dirt... all that...
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    Looking for more "U.F.O." pictures

    ive looked around havent found much other then on monsterphoto... anyone have any goodsized side shots of the truck? looking for the cartoon clip art on the side. needing it so i can finish my UFO clodbuster replica
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    LEGEND - Foot III

    this might be 100% percent wrong(lol) but i think i remember about 4 or so months ago someone said that the guy who owns Uncle Slam bought it.
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    Dennis Taft's MT website down.... ??!!

    yea thats what ive been doing for the past day. Here is a link that'll still work forever, and every pic is still up and available
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    What is the name of this monster truck theres some more pics of it on that page