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    Master of disaster

    Bearly Tame is being brought back by Stinger owner/driver Zane Rettew. He also brought back Master of Disaster a couple of years ago. I've seen it race twice in person, did a backflip driven by Paul Strong (Martial Law driver)...
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    2019 diecast: Hot Wheels out, Spin Master in.[/img]
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    2019 diecast: Hot Wheels out, Spin Master in.

    Sad that HW is no longer going to produce Monster Jam diecasts, but Spin Master's stuff looks great from the previews I have seen. Hot Wheels started a new line of fictional trucks and MAY be making Bigfoot trucks, including told school bodies. Anyone else excited for the change?
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    Where is Everyone?

    Would be a great idea...force people to come here to read your content. :)
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    Bringing Old School Back

    Welcome to the site. Truck looks awesome, glad to see them being preserved and still in action. Not much activity on here any more, but who knows, maybe Fakebook will go down in flames and we'll have a revival. :D
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    Shortiron II

    I'd love to see it.
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    2019 World Finals XX

    So it's back in Vegas for 2019?
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    Where is Everyone?

    I check in about once a month to see if anyone posted. I'm not on Fakebook. I prefer forums anyway, so this is sad. I miss this place being active and the dead-for-years MonsterTruckCollectors forum. Charlie Wagner, who runs a Jeep in the tough trucks lives pretty close to me and jumps on...
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    Wish I had the $.....Robbins's selling Aftershock team

    I just saw Krazy Train at a show in July at Buck Motorsports Park. Here's a photo of Nothing But Trouble in I don't think this info is correct. I think NbT is just built on an old KT chassis, but it did not replace it...
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    Greenlight Collectables releasing die-cast BIGFOOT #1

    Found info with photo
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    Buck Motorsports 8-26-2017

    War Wizard's freestyle was INSANE, I was sitting right by where he saved it. Your run was wild too, you almost rolled it twice. When you pulled up to the starting line, I nudged my son and said watch this, he's a good driver (based on seeing your videos). Did you happen to catch the...
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    USHRA Monster Jam St. Louis....December 3rd?

    A 2-hour show is ridiculous. The 4-truck shows I attend at local Buck Motorsports Park take well over 3 hours! Sadly, this forum is so dead lately I doubt they still review it. I miss this place when it was busy. FYI - I made a post last week in the Diecast forum if you're into them...the...
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    2017 Hot Wheels Monster Jam - Flags!

    2017's Hot Wheels Monster Jam accessories is flags again, but these are flexible plastic team flags that attach to the rear chassis. We picked up a CHROME Son-Uva-Digger. On the back of the package, they are now grouping the trucks into groups or teams. Chrome for MJ's 25th Anniversary is...
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    2016 MJ Hot Wheels

    Found these three at Walmart.