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  • yeah, last year the poll lasted for a much longer period of time and i don't think it even broke 75 votes. i think i won with like 20 or so votes.
    are you paying any attention to the RCMT voting polls? there is some random crap going on with that. It just makes me face palm at how stupid the whole thing has become.
    yeah, that would be cool, but there isn't a whole lot of available races up here in Canada. :(
    i just can't wait to get back to using my rc's for fun. that, and i also want to brag to my friends that i have a video on youtube that has 37,000+ views. they have no idea and they will be in for a surprise lol.
    yeah, its on its last leg. i pretty much just kept videos that i have to, and ones that i feel should be seen. i'm just waiting right now until that rc world finals thing is over, then i'm going to stop making videos. I don't want to sound cocky or anything but after looking at all of the entries in the contest i think i have a good chance at winning again. but of course it has to be another one where the community votes instead of there actually being judges. popularity contest maybe?
    Yup, I noticed ya. I'm glad you posted that link on RDC to this forum. I'm a pretty big enthusiast but had just not gotten myself to join the MT forums, but now's a good time since there's a big of carry over.
    Thank you for your comments! We are excited to have 2 trucks competing, and also the 2 other trucks on display!
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