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    Truck Related 1/2 Pint?

    Are there any pictures of 1/2 Pint?
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    Pure Adrenaline ?

    Does Randy Brown still own the truck?
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    Truck Bodies

    I was wondering what bodies haven't been used yet on a monster truck?
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    Team Question

    Thanks for the responce. I also forgot to ask, will sometimes teams repaint an old body and give a new name?
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    Team Question

    Do a lot of teams run multi trucks with different names? How does it work? Does a team take the body off of one truck and put it on another chassis? I'm sorry if the sentences don't make much sense. I tried to word them as well as I can.
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    Monster Truck Question

    How much does an average crew for a monster truck team make?
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    Monster Truck Question

    I guess I'll eather have to get a CDL, or maybe if I get to the point were I can own/drive a monster truck I could hire someone with a CDL to drive?
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    Monster Truck Question

    It would be best to get a CDL then. I'll have to find out how to go about getting one. So, you need a MTRA license to compete in Monster Jam?
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    Truck Related Seth Doulton

    Were the Pall Mall and Castrol trucks part of Seth's fleet of trucks?
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    Monster Truck Question

    Something off topic here. What does the crew for an independent team make? How many crew members are usally on an independent team? What events would be considered MTRA events?
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    Monster Truck Question

    I was wondering to be a monster truck driver/owner do you need a special license?
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    2008 Monster Jam Yearbook

    I don't know if this belongs here or not. Would anyone have an extra copy of the 2008 Monster Jam Yearbook for sale? I'm also interested in finding any yearbooks from 1980's-1999?
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    A Question

    Probably a stupid question, Is that the same Jim Kohler of Avenger fame? What is Jim's contact?
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    A Question

    I have another question. Is there anyone else that builds turnkey trucks besides Dan Patrick? I might go the trunkey route if I can't find a used truck.
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    4 Wheel Crazy

    Is there any pictures of this truck? I can't seem to find any.