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    Thompson Speedway in the 90s

    I got photos but I was little. Bigfoot, Taurus , predator , snakebite , monster patrol , devils dodge , Carolina crusher, and wildfire. grave digger wasn't at this event this is when I met Gary porter, Tom meents, Alan pezo. Dan runte , Eric meagher , Eldon depew and Calvin carrington ...
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    truck pairings for 2012 season

    I just noticed the 3rd Houston show has chad fortune driving grave digger the legend. Worcester. Ma Grave digger. Driven by Dennis Anderson Avenger Stone crusher Mopar magic Max destruction driven by Kreg. Christianson Aftershock Wreaking crew Wondering if grave digger...
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    Feld 2012 dates

    Worcester is feb 18-19 next year
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    Monster Jam World Finals 12 Qualifier Thread

    I agree he tore up Worcester all weekend
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    Show Related The New England thread

    Final results for the weekend Grave digger swept freestyle Grinder swept racing overall the shows were ok . Average freestyle runs even though Gravedigger swept no perfect scores plus i was dissapointed not one truck all weekend hit the fmx ramp . I thought racing was the best...
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    Show Related The New England thread

    worcester nite 1 in the books wheelie - Iron man racing- Grinder freestyle - Gravedigger show was average, quad wars overrated , nice donuts and some nice air show ended at 9:00 on the dot . 7 trucks peformed crushstation out with mecanical problems...
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    Syracuse,NY March 12, 2011

    thinking of heading there too
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    Show Related The New England thread

    i will be at all 4 shows see you all there
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    Promoter Related Monster Nationals 2011 schedule

    already planning my trip to lowell this havent seen bigfoot in 18 years
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    Winter/1st quarter Line-ups

    i think its about time feld announces the lineups, this is ridiculious ! stop speculating and lets move on
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    Show Related Thompson Roll Call

    What a show El Matador, King Krunch, Storm Damage, Hurricane Force, Crushstation Iron Warrior, Black Stallion, Killer Bee Wheelie - Crushstation Racing- Black Stallion Freestyle to close to call my choice El Matador Best show i have seen . Cale...
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    Show Related Thompson Roll Call

    i will be there about 400 meet at main gate
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    Show Related Thompson Roll Call

    Cale i will be there too
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    Camel Mud & Monsters Series 1990

    Taurus Bigfoot First Blood AM PM Rocket Ecology Eliminator these trucks were at the event i have pictures
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    Show Related Which truck is doing Thompson Speedway May 30th?

    According to thompson speedway storm damage will also be there making that 7 trucks. wonder who the 8th would be? Any ticket price info?