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    Must do's in Vegas?

    I heard the Zip line down Freemont St experince is a good thing to do.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread Shaq's new parking spot Commerical for TNT basketball.
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    virus on

    MTC is down for now.. They got hacked and they are working on it. You can find a group on Facebook.. For the time being Mad Rat opened a MTC Face-book Group...
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    truck pairings for 2012 season

    A bunch of line ups have been added today...heres a couple Dodger Stadium Featuring USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Charlie Pauken, Maximum Destruction? driven by Neil Elliott, El Toro Loco? driven by Chuck Werner, Lucas Oil Crusader℠ driven by Linsey Weenk, Metal...
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    I am not boycotting M&M's since they stepped up to plate and pulled sponserhip off the 18 the rest of the year since Kyle is going to drive... I wouldnt be surprised if they dont jump ship for 2012 during the off season.
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    Monstergeddon show cancelled

    Marvel Monstergeddon Postponded. From!/Monstergeddon On behalf of Feld Motor Sports we are sorry to inform you that the previously schedule Marvel Monstergeddon event originally planned for June 2012 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California, has been postponed...
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    Vancouver BC Monster Jam with line-up!!

    You can add McQueen to the line up in the truck that they are doing the contest for naming his truck.
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    Bounty Hunter name on Pat Gerbers Truck

    It was a sponsership display thing for Bounty Hunters sponser Andy Boy at their home town airshow - Salinas...
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    Outlaw MT Spectacular returns to Victorville, CA Sept. 9-10

    Time Flys and Fired Up will be in Victorville also.
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    Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular Mandan, ND

    The Dickerson Show tonight (friday) has been postpone till Sunday @ 2pm.. Gates open at 12 due to bad weather.
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    RMR - Clash of the Titans - 8/13-14

    The California Rodeo Grounds facebook page is saying Obsession and Obsessed wiill be in Salinas,Ca that weekend for the Central Coast Motorsports Spectacular.
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    Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular Mandan, ND

    Time Flys and Fired up will be making their 1st ever apperance in North Dakota at Mandan, ND (Sat) and also in Dickinson,ND (Friday)
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    Don driving time flys @ capital ex

    Living the Dream Racing wants to say thanks to Don Frankish for being able to help fill in at the last minute. Kelvin gave Don his choice of trucks to drive and Don took Time Flys and Kelvin is driving Fired up.
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    The new Wolverine

    Captain America just annocuned for the show..