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    Chassis question

    Is it possible that the chassis pictured here never became bearfoot? Jason Rivas posted this picture of Tuff EnuffSnuff tube truck on Facebook. It looks suspiciously like the unfinished chassis above.
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    Trucks for sale

    That are still independent.
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    Trucks for sale

    reading to much into it, especially that of that list of US trucks, 9 of those trucks either: Havent Ever done a show Havent done a show in atleast 2 years Only done less than 8 shows in the last two years or arent even complete. That is more than 1/3rd of the list of US trucks.
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    Trucks for sale

    Not much, the same thing happened in the 90s, its cyclic just like alot of other things. A certain group of similar minded individuals prosper in a certain way in an industry, that industry then progresses to a different level, and a portion of those people leave said industry. some do it...
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    Suggestion to increase this sites usage

    I just want to talk to steve about it before I mention anything, that way it doesnt turn into a **** storm.
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    Suggestion to increase this sites usage

    I have been sitting on an idea, Ive talked about it with a few people, but I want to keep it to myself until I can run it by Steve.
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    Nitemare I street/show truck up for sale on Craigslist.... A reasonable price for what it is, looks like most of the original stuff is still there, the paint might even be salvagable, maybe. If I had an extra $3 grand laying around, I'd be all over it....... It needs to be bought and restored...
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    Chuck Wagon Express

    Hurricane started out as Dabneys 2nd Giant truck. It was built with parts from Hess' Bear Foot racer, a bed and possibly other body parts from one of the Bigfoots leafers There were pictures of the build on Jeff cooks page, but they look to be gone now.
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    Some new 2014 looks

    Say what now? This, i think still, uses a 50s corvette pro-mod type body as a base.
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    What happened?

    Meh, this place has pretty much always had a post 1st quarter pre summer lull. Facebook has made a dent in the traffic for sure, but this place still has plenty of traffic. Plus, sadly reality, and a lack of direction has knocked some of the luster off the old school revival, which has...
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    electrical question

    While were on the subject, has anyone tried any of the new Duracell AGMs?
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    New Digger Legend - It's Not Pretty...

    New Legend sux, iz purple barneysaurus on wheels. the rest stfu or gtfo.
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    Preview show

    IDK, the brunette chick they showed at abu dahbi was nice eye candy 4 sure. moar of that would be good. also Raminator of steel was cool Superman dodge was pretty nice looking, better than the f-150
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    Who won Beaumont 98?

    I was there sat night, and if i remember right, Firestone Wilderness took both racing rounds. the thing I remember most about that show was Jeff Hoy's amazing jumps in his pro arena truck.