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    What and how did u find that? Anymore pix??
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    questions pertaining to Promoting

    Im going off what i have found a small rodeo arena i found was 2500 per night. Small indoor hocky arena 30k per night. Seating cap 7500 ppl. The 2 companys i called wanted 15k per night for Insurance. An a few indys i called were willing to work for fifteen per night for ea trk. I knew another...
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    questions pertaining to Promoting

    Ok first most small venues ask for 1mil of Insurance for the weekend. You pay a percent of that for the 2 or 3 days you rent a venue. Most charge per day so if you can do 2shows per day an teardown an high tail it by sunup you can make better money on your return side of things without paying...
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    For Sale OR TRADE!!! PS250s

    These the 1 pc axles or the flanged style 250s???
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    What are these?

    Yup Rockwell ps-250 non flange. I need a 2ond set. What would you want for them??? $2000-4--pair?
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    Need Wheels for 5 Tons!

    go anywhere semi tires are sold all you need is a 10 hole budd wheel an tire im sure you can find low pro 255/70/22.5s anywhere semi or trailer tires are sold or scrapped. its really not hard to find a wheel an tire for a basic 5 ton. - - - Updated - - - all you need is a semi wheel set up.
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    Need Wheels for 5 Tons!

    Got to any commercial tire place. 9-10 times u can get cheep used temp wheels to get by.
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    2 truck haulers

    Old School-
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    2 truck haulers

    Also almost anything was used to get to an from shows, Open trailers were the norm, Trucks were not being crashed an destroyed as they are today, You didn't need to really carry many spare parts. Yes regular deck trailers are used it just limits the storage of the trailer an not much room...
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    2 truck haulers

    Ok heres a lil bit of what we do Yes a drop trailer is what is used theres a few versions of trailers a few diff manufactures of the trailers Kentucky seems to be the most common. Now just like anything else new stuff is insanely expensive so some guys you will see running an old trailer. Most...
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    World Finals 15

    When Alex rolled there was no wall protection just right up into the stands.
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    World Finals 15

    Wow I had a clip texted to me a few hours ago of Donald's crash an on my tiny phone it was hard to see what went wrong. Finally able to check it out on my home computer an Wow That's a very scary situation first off an most important is Donald's condition hope he's ok, I've heard hes fine, Which...
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    electrical question

    I know a few ride trucks running split power systems the engine alt an batterys are for running the engine 100% an lights on the truck. Then a diff system of batterys an a alternator ran off the driveline to power an charge the rear steering. Rear steer pumps love to eat power an running rides...
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    old Monster Jam chassis??

    Any feld chassis that is out of Service gets cut up an scrapped. Its a laibility to sell them so they all get destroyed even if it was possibly fixable it still has to go. Its cheep Insurance on lawsuit prevention. An 4-6k of dom steel isnt anything to bat an eye at with feld.
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    Roadhouse remake

    Sounds like Mr Terry?? hes a big monster/Hollywood guy. An 12 monster trucks!! ALL needing planetarys?? wonder what trucks there using or if its 12 new builds.