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  • Sorry, Dan. Haven't logged in in a while. 100 - winner 80-final round loser 60-semi losers 40 for quarter round losers.

    A fast loser can still earn points, but takes a 20 point hit for it. In other words, if Bigfoot loses. But comes back as a fast loser and goes all the way to the finals and wins, he only earns 80 - not the full 100.

    Fast qualifier is 20. Second is 18. Third is 17. Fourth is 16....etc. So there is essentially a one point bonus to get that top qualifier spot.
    Hey rich, me and some friends are trying to figure out a decent working points system for our R/C racing series. How does the MTC points system you use work??
    Hey Rich,

    I was wondering, since you own and run the Monster Truck Challenge, what is the points system for determining the championship?

    Thanks in advance,
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