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    Music from BIGFOOT, The Living Legend VHS

    Haven't been here for a while, still feel this is a good resource for M/T info. Anyhow, I'm looking for the titles of the background music on the BIGFOOT, The Living Legend VHS. I remember some of it was used on "The Amazing World of Speed and Beauty" show, which produced BFTLL. Any info on the...
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    Mississippi Bullfrog Update

    I'm pretty sure I attended the Nashville show if it's the 87 one. 1st M/T race I attended.
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    Your Day Job

    Certified Medical Assistant at Naval Station Mayport's Branch Medical Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. I greet patients when they arrive, obtain/log vital signs, assist the doctor in procedures and various admin duties as needed.
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    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    Groovy !!! I'll keep my eyes open. Are you talking about the clip TX TERROR posted. Pretty Awesome, BTW. Really enjoyed seeing SS in action in her prime. Take Care n stay safe.
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    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    GROOVY !!! I'll keep my eyes open. And for the You Tube vid.
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    More Madrid Restaurant pictures

    YAAAAHHHOOOOOO !!!!!! Monster Vette and Frankenstine Live again !!! AND they look AWESOME !!! I'd almost lost hope that they'd ever run again. Thanks for proving me wrong, Cliff. Old-Schoolers might get ragged n rusty, but they'll never die.
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    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    Looks like I was the last one here. And that was a year ago. Guess I may have to break down and join FB. I just got the Greenlight version of Southern Sunshine, pretty happy with it. Not 100% accurate, but pretty cool, they made the interior in red. Would love to get a couple signed by G-Man...
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    Where is Everyone?

    I still come here every so often. Bummed about the lack of traffic thru here, guess FB took a lot of it. Not a FB member either.
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    2019 World Finals XX

    It's been announced the WF 2019 will be in Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL.. On one hand, I'm a lil disappointed I never got to go to Vegas for the WF. On the other, it's being held in my back yard, more or less. (Jacksonville is 2-3 hrs. away) so I'm pretty stoked about that. C.W Stadium...
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    TNT Motorsports Press Kit 1990 Images

    Talk about an awesome find. Thanks for posting and sharing.
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    TNT Motorsports Locations

    A few that spring to mind are Freedom Hall and Louisville Motor Speedway, both of Louisville,KY.,the latter being (as far as I know) the only figure-8 track used. Another would be Nashville Motor Speedway. Possibly, the Astrodome and the N.O. Superdome.
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    Looking For Old USHRA / TNT Motorsports Banners For Sale, anybody?

    Hi Y'all !! On the off chance there's still some traffic thru here, I'm putting up a notice that I'm looking for old banners/bumper stickers from USHRA and/or TNT Motorsports. If anybody's got one they'd like to sell, please respond. I'd love to have one from each to hang in my garage. Since...
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    Bigfoot Strikes Again music...played live (!)

    AWESOME !!! Often wondered about the source of the music used in the BIGFOOT home videos of that era. I'd figured it came from studio musicans with Mediacast Home Video. Was Mark's work used for other BIGFOOT vids such as "BIGFOOT In Action #1" ? Thanks very much for posting these. I could...
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    Any Weird Al fans here on mayhem

    Been a fan for many years. Lot of his songs are my karaoke "go-to's"