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    Dream Schedule

    There was one at the daytona infield probably around 2003
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    2 truck haulers

    moving trailers such as Allied
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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread saw this in my newspaper yesterday. who knows how accurate it is
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    Feld consolidates into massive Florida facility

    Yup this opened a while back. Quite a few of the FELD operations team specifically alot of crew guys have relocated to the area - - - Updated - - - "With 45 acres and a single-occupant building second in size in Florida only to NASA's mammoth Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space...
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    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    according to crew chief toms truck wouldnt crank
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    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    heading over in the morning, looking forward to it
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    Requirements of Working With Monster Jam Track Officials

    Work hard for a few years as club/track crew at your local show(s). Get there early and stay till everything is done, dont goof off, work hard and be noticed and get to know as many people as you can. Do it because you love the sport and not for the pay-- dont even expect to be paid as...
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    Helping At Monster Jam Events

    see you in tampa!
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    Florida Monster Jam

    id say orlando.. this will be my 15th year in a row without missing a show. cant wait!
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    Silly Annoncers

    Must be nice to never have made a mistake in your life huh
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    Jacksonville on Speed

    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but maybe the fact that there was no qualifying that night, and FS was a few trucks short, they thought it would be better to have one jam-packed episode rather than two which might have that stretched out feeling to them.... TNN Motor Madness 1999...
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    Lionel Easler doesn't own Instigator?

    Last i spoke at length with lionel was about a year and a half ago. real good people. not going to get into details, but he told me about some health issues he was having that running the truck wasn't helping one bit.
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    Metlife questions

    krmel, seasock.