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    Monster truck conspiracy theory's

    Usually people use things called ellipses in place of 50 commas. And, I think this is a valid thread. Do people hate Monster Jam because they're butt hurt!?
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    How can you tell if a truck is monster jam owned?

    Avenger is owned by feld look at its world finals paint job last year! Aap avenger!
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    Official World Finals XIV Thread

    I beyond agree Yoda! I'm just glad I could finally make the money to attend!
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    This is touted as the first unassisted forward momentum backflip, so no. Except those with special backflip ramps.
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    World Finals Ticket for sale... Front row center

    First time going to Vegas this year. I'm livin'! And Chad when are you leaving? We might be going to the same airport. lol
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    Charleston,WV Monster Jam

    I'd figure quads and FMX like the past several years.
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    Jan 19th Houston show let down

    If you disagree with me, I'll take it as a personal insult.
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    Michigan Ice Monster

    Don't see how they're bigger or better with less trucks and less experienced drivers, but that's just my opinion. In any case I wish SIR the best and hopefully their success as one of the top independent teams continues.
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    Truck Related The Zombie

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    Bari's Batman

    Bari himself said this is NOT the Mohawk Warrior chassis.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread
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    Free agents

    Right click on the pics copy image url. No facebook link needed. Or copy and paste in this case. Easy.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    King Sling video + headphones cranked up = <3