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  • ok im trying my best to keep my name out of this any more but then you put me in as special referee thats funny im sure you got fonder all pissed off with that one hahahahaha good job im glad everyone else on here thinks he is just as childish as i do you guys keep up the good work
    Missed you in Vegas - Coty came home yesterday so glad to have him home for a while - we will all be in naples will you?
    Yes Ryan, I am the coverage guy for themonsterblog.com this weekend. I will be at both shows. I am guessing you are going to be there? If so, say hello.
    hey ryan honest one on one do you believe in mlmt? or you like several and doing the wait and see thing?
    hey ryan, just checking to make sure you made it thru the storms last nite... log on & let someone know your alright!
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