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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    another view of Time Flys awesome save
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    MustRead Patrick Carroll

    The viewing will be at Luyben's Mortuary on Tuesday from 4 - 7 PM. 5161 E. Arbor Road Long Beach, CA 90808 The funeral is at Journey of Faith Church on Wednesday at 11 AM 17456 Downey Ave Bellflower, CA 90706 As a family we ask if you were planning on sending flowers that you make a...
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    Displaying Trucks at World Finals

    Living the Dream Racing will be there with Time Flys and Detour.
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    Outlaw MT's Victorville, CA March 3rd

    Rosalee driving Detour:
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    Outlaw MT's Victorville, CA March 3rd

    Living the Dream Racing's three trucks all together for the first time at Victorville. We would like to thank Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular for having us this past weekend. We had a great time!
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread Here's a different view of Time Flys wild rollover from Anaheim #1. Enjoy!!
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    Press Release Detour

    Yes, it's a CRD chassis.
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    Press Release Detour

    Ready to debut at Anaheim #1 next weekend.
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    World's Youngest Girl MT Driver

    Rosalee's interest in the monster trucks started young. Here she is helping Sam Sturges fix Unnamed and Untamed. Thanks, Sam and Peggy for always being there for her. ~~You got her hooked on monster trucks.~~
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    World's Youngest Girl MT Driver

    Last Saturday, our 14 year old daughter, Rosalee, drove in her first professional event. She's been working up to this for quite some time, and was very excited. She designed her own firesuit. After her run she went out and greeted all her new fans! She...
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    Clark County Fair Shows

    A big thank you to everyone that helped Kelvin and Chris put Time Flys back together (twice)!! Dallas ~ it was great to see you again! Marty ~ did you get any video of Chris's Saturday afternoon Cyclone in Fired UP? It was his first cyclone and he'd love to see it!! :D
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    Time Flys Error

    Love what you've done with the truck, Madrat!! Hot Wheels could not separate the mould... so the shock/exhaust either had to be all red or all silver. We chose red because the shocks are so much a part of the overall look for the truck. Noticed that the packaging error was truck #56 of...
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    New online monster truck video game

    Check out the monster truck game on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards site: :D