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  • Hey Steven,

    I noticed my truck isnt in the Gallery. Photos can be found on facebook: Osiris Monster Truck Racing. Feel free to use any you like.

    Hello, I would like to have permission to view the industry section. I'm a former driver for Sturges monster trucks and i'm currently in the market to buy a turnkey operation. Thanks
    How can I look under the industry section? I still sell alot of planetaries and tires to Feld, Dan, Pablo, and some independents. Just trying to look at other parts of Mayhem but it won"t let me.
    i jacked up my name by being new to the site, as in, my name is green, i didn't think it ment anything, How can I change it to blue I think it it?
    can i email you a pic of the truck so you can post it under my name under trucks that start with i for the insane instructor?
    this is dustin brown from grave digger. dennis anderson would like to know if you can delete the post on the video board about the negative stuff on king sling. it is really causing him alot of trouble
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