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    Used Tcase?

    chain drive!
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    Welding link tabs to cast?

    Here is what I use around here for MT projects and farm equipment. esab 7100 ultra dual shield follow the directions and it will be just fine!
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    Welding link tabs to cast?

    what housings? What material?
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    For Sale set of pie pans for sale, las vegas area

    holy crap, I could retire at that price!!!
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    What are these?

    they are junk and I will buy them for parts!!!
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    Looking for 106 housings

    Kyle, you just have to coocksucker him on FaceBook and make it miserable for him, he will send you a check!!!:cool:
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    Truck Related Wanted - military pancake style Pettibones

    there are a few sets out in Montana at a yard, been buying things from there for years. Sometimes the prices are a little high, but if you need them whats the difference!!!
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    Some new 2014 looks

    Those must be the first shots of the new USA #1 BigFoot that's coming out this month! Everett was telling me about it!
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    For Sale 2013 rock bouncer

    I may have what you need, give me a e-mail address and I will show you what I have for sale,
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    Rockwell Planetary Seals

    Call Adam at AOP, he should have it available, he has been building a few sets of those lately!
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    Billet Clark Champagne

    Russ, you should post photos of your other components for others to see. Some may not know what you have built!!!
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    IMTHOF this weekend!

    I cant find anyone to go with from my area, I really don't want to drive 30 hrs by myself!
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    IMTHOF this weekend!

    I doubt like heck Jeff would turn anyone away!!!
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    IMTHOF this weekend!

    tickets are not the problem!, besides with the numbers being low, why would anyone turn someone away!!!
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    IMTHOF this weekend!

    Who is all going this weekend? I am still undecided!