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  • Hi,

    Do you have Monsters of Destruction 2006 from Monroe, Washington and Cottage Grove, Oregon that I could buy from you?


    Hy! I'm the guy who is looking for the racing dvds like the penda points series of the 90s. I can't find a dvd in the web. You can help me?

    Basically, unsprung weight is weight the suspension can't control or damp. So reducing it makes the suspension more effective and also reduces loads on critical suspension components.
    im looking for any old monster truck movies or trucks and tracktor power or nhra monster challenge vhs or dvd or recorded of tv stuff i can buy or down load that i can find thay say u got alote of stuff can ya help me out man or steer me in the rite diretion
    I (finally) got some 3rd members (106's) but I'm still shopping for some more. Randy has started on my housings. Next is shock stuff.
    sounds like its going to be nice. We do plan on going to it. i want to go all weekend. financially/realistically though... probably just saturday. alot of people are talking like it wont happen.. so i am cautiously optimistic. ( ; & you?
    no no, i just had the flu.. i am much better just a 24 hour thing. So far things are still really good at robs work. They have not slowed down at all. it worries me every day though, i am not going to lie. you getting lots done on your house since you have lots of time on your hands?
    hey- you ok? i worry about you when i watch the news and it says cat has been laying off lots of workers..
    sorry, that sucks, the church thing is for cub scouts... ) 8 how is ur house coming along anyways?
    well, if you have to go to church, we can go to another one sometime in the future since ill probably be working on the house that morning.
    maybe if we go before? is that an option or not? afterwords we have to hurry our happy selves home because we have to be at the church at 6 to feed the methodist men breakfast for cub scouts... what fun huh?? so we will need to get home ASAP

    send rob a text message tomorrow and talk to him about it. i am sure we can do it though, just i am not one to talk to about directions and stuff
    Yes we will. I was really looking forward to this. Hadn't made it to Indy in a couple of years and wanted to be in the first show in the new dome. But, just as I was leaving, my wife found out that a friend of hers had just passed away. No way I could leave her with that. This has just been a craptacular weekend....

    On a better note, I think Matheson is gonna' hook me up with some 3rd's.
    Section 641 row 5. I'm meeting Barton and some of his friends there. Trying to find some F-106 3rds to finish out the axles. Also looking into shock stuff, I need to talk to Matheson
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