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  • I race motocross here in Tennessee. Quick question. You remember Greg Holbrook? If so, do you know if his middle initial is C. I saw this name (Greg C. Holbrook) on a scorecard sheet a few weeks ago at one of my races. I didn't have time to search for him in the pits, but I thought I'd ask. He was riding a KTM.
    I don't think I can go to Lima, from the looks of things it's next weekend, and with my schedule If I went I'd only be home a total of 3 days before heading back down here to Peoria for summer classes, so I'm pretty sure I can't go. I do still want the TNT shows though, sometime soon we'll have to work something out.
    Not at the moment, unfortunately. I have been playing guitar again though, what have you been up to man?
    I just got all 59 DVDs today and I am a bit over whelmed, I don't know where to start. Thanks so much they are awesome.
    hey met,

    just wanted to say, we got adam "flat out" like you suggested, he is at his grandma's tonite but rob and i played it... and it IS EVERYTHING he loves!!! i cant wait til he plays it! cause i know he is going to love it!

    thanks for the suggestion!
    My work schedule sees me work 7 days in a row on third shift, then 7 days off. I'm off this week.
    you sent me pulling naples from 1995. also you sent me camel 92 instead of camel 90 lol
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