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    Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread

    both maui monsters still exist. i read somewhere that fly n hi was a prototype for maui monster 1.
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    Need some help on past dates.

    the hoosier dome in 88 is my guess.
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    State of Bigfoot

    22 is to be completed sometime this year. dan runte is also stepping down at the end of the year.
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    Where are they finding these drivers?

    most of them are from another form of racing, like brianna and todd leduc. coty is one of the few that worked their way up from the bottom.
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    Throwback Thursday

    it was in colorado and they wanted $10k for it.
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    Looking to getting engaged at a Monster Jam show, any connections???

    try facebook. theres a couple of people who work in the offices of feld that might see it.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    video finally surfacing of one of our driving deal breaker:
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    If you were Bob C, 4 or 8???

    from what im seeing, the question is when 8 was banned in 90, which truck would chandler sell.
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    If you were Bob C, 4 or 8???

    he wasnt hurting financially, but easily could of gotten more money selling 8 than 4 at the time.
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    no. i think randy fixed it and put it back together before selling it. what did they do with the chassis?
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    weird. someone who worked in the sport told me after destroying those, they threw a bunch of new parts at it, decided that the chassis was way out of shape and retired it.
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    not really a wreck, but a crd was retired after a monstrous jump and numerous new parts thrown at it to see what was causing it to destroy transmissions.. - - - Updated - - - was retired after jill wrecked it.
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    For Sale Pettibones for sale

    if they are the rebadged rockwells, someone is looking for some down in florida. found him:
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    it was the time the main rails broke in half after a jump.