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    Where is Everyone?

    fakebook ruined all these forum sites. ive been in facebook purgatory for weeks, i get more done without it
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    Bigfoot 1 replica spotted at Cruisin the Coast

    looks more like bigfoot 1 than bigfoot 1 does
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    Show Related Indy jambo

    is big foot gonna do another record breaking jump again?
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    Bad Habit long jump ramp

    so does bigfoot smash his record a indy again this year?
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    Which Truck Would YOU Bring Back????

    awesome kong 2 or godzilla
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    Ride Truck Axles... lol i think 5 tons would be fine in ride truck service
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    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    need more pics
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    LEGEND - Foot III

    as far as i know, rick does not have it
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    gauging interest in old school competitions
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    gauging interest in old school competitions

    lol, ill still do it, just hate to have to spend 40 hours cleaning it
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    gauging interest in old school competitions

    sled pull, car crush, and mud bog... like said above, nobody that has an old truck will get it dirty... im still hoping that bigfoot replica truck is really being built to do what the original did heck, i really dont want to get my new old school truck dirty, lol
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    Bigfoot Cruiser on Craigslist

    i fail to see the desire for one of these... the only ones ive seen were rust buckets .. ugly too
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    Funny russian monster truck

    what country are you in?!
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    USA#1 political news!!!

    in my opinion, there needs to be a change in washington. trillions of added debt, greater dependance on oil from other countries, forced health care taxation, reduction in coal use, and bailouts to banks and auto industry is not what we need... and rule under a marxist muslim president is...