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    Harrisburg, PA 2016 show

    IIRC the Eradicator chassis was getting sold this summer, that was the last chassis the Slifkos still owned.
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    Monster Jam 2016 announcment

    Now they just need a Roadkill truck (the Hot Rod show with David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, not side-of-the-road roadkill) so they can finally race on even equipment.
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    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    May I just say that I want your welding table, having both holes T-slots would have made several of my past projects so much easier. Keep us posted on the (re)build as time allows, always cool to see progress being made.
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    Truck Related Trucks that seldom rolled

    Des Moines this year, Heavy Hitter and I can't remember the other truck both rolled in the first turn of racing.
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    So I can't tell you why you need to shop the BS24 tomorrow...

    So one or both of your pasts shirts will be featured? Guess I'll have to wait another 32 hours to find out.
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    Project Klone Kong

    Only one way to react to this build:
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    Mad Max (2014) Monster Truck

    In the other thread from a couple years ago one of the Australian members mentioned the trucks were from a guy down there, that makes more sense than any trucks from the States being shipped across the world for the movie.
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    Other way around, Zane's truck is similar to the original Stinger. On a different note, that's cool to see someone finally uploaded MT2K, will finally get to see it.
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    Dream Schedule

    Yes, Popular Hot Rodding covered the event, that's where this centerfold was taken. No idea why the event ended though. Yep, 2002, along the backstretch.
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    New truck for this year

    Is that the old Bad Habit I see? Best of luck, looking forward to the after paint pictures.
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    moline il sunday show

    Where were you sitting Jeremy? I was in Section 103, all around a good show. I was excited to see Damon Bradshaw in person, he drives like his throttle is an on/off switch yet has full control at all times. If possible I'm going back next year, such a good show.
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    2 truck haulers

    Jim Bendzick with Thunder 4x4 uses a gooseneck trailer similar to this one.
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    King Sling has been sold !!

    They're Firestones, no idea on size unless you can see it on the sidewall.
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    Y'know, he has a pulling-style buff on the outer edge of his tires, wonder if that hooked up on the concrete.
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    Reporter breaks hip kicking Northern Nightmare

    Bruins? You mean the #2 team this last year? Well, all I have to say is......