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    For Sale Mega Merc on e-bay

    Daniel Donnelly: Do you what the difference between a crew man, and a tire down ***** is ? I think you are very confused with that as well as all the information you put out. I would like to meet your resources and smack them all in the face.
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    Monster Truck model build off

    Use a Hobby Knife, and then sand. You would be surprised.
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    i jacked up my name by being new to the site, as in, my name is green, i didn't think it ment...

    i jacked up my name by being new to the site, as in, my name is green, i didn't think it ment anything, How can I change it to blue I think it it?
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    Info Oldest 1/64 Scale and etc Help

    The elite 4 to have from 2000: Grave Digger, Goldberg, Sting, and WCW Nitro Machine. They are some of the hardest trucks to find now.
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    Selling my Grave Digger rc truck

    If you do not have the money, then why even say anything ? Your just wasting his time.
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    Minneapolis Monster Jam

    Looks like the typical line up.
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    It doesn't take much space at all, there trippin LOL. It is real easy to install, and you do not need to sign up on sim-monsters to get all the tracks and trucks.
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    I am looking for an Airbrush Artist.

    I already have Terry painting me bodies, and I want someone else to do this one. He has to much work on his hands, I don't want to add to it. And thanks Chad that is a ton !!
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    I am looking for an Airbrush Artist.

    Hello there, As some of you know, I am building a replica CRD. I need a very highly skilled airbrush artist that can paint me a rather simpler design on a 1/10 body. I want it professionally done so it looks perfect. If you are an Airbrush Artist, or have links, or Know someone that can...
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    Fuel Cells

    They do have metal fuel cells out there, JAZ makes them, Bigfoot Racing uses them.
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    Site Related R/C Truck Links - Want your own R/C replica?"

    Who painted those bodies ? Get back to me ASAP
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    Found some bigfoot 91 r/c bodys on ebay

    If you go in there store, they also have Wolverine, Goldberg, Snake Bite, BULLDOZER, spiderman, and bigfoot bodies as well !!!
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    Lets See your RC Trucks!!

    Nice Work Tony! Best Clod I seen yet !
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    Rarest monster jam eBay lot ever!.... not.

    There is only 4 rare trucks in my opinion. I am fortunate to have all 4. The original Grave Digger, Sting, WCW Nitro MAchine, and Goldberg.