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    Rare Bigfoot Photos

    the sasquatch name was in a local name the truck contest meaning one of the fans named it
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    Old PENDA points series race.

    was it the same show where snakebite ran over carolina crusher
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    Bigfoot/Kramer/Freedom Hall

    nope its just highlights of the event
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    Rare Bigfoot Photos

    the power wheels is bigfoot 9 that happen to race at indy that year but didnt make the show the last bigfoot pic is bigfoot on a woodcock chassie
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    Shark Attack Question

    magnum force became brian barthel's little tiger
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    1995 Dresser Truck List

    go to monster truck reults project
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    Info Indianapolis 1986 Jamboree

    that's a lot of trucks
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    Truck Related Official Old School Video Thread

    Dang is there any footage out of the jump contest that year.
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    Truck Related Official Old School Video Thread

    Springfield i wish someone did have bloomsburg footage from that year besides the one thats already out
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    if you were to start a series what venues would you use?

    16 truck field.a dvd boxset with a tv and ppv coverage monster tanks included open qualifying. Mrytle beach speedway. useing both of the pits like 1990 but use the whole race track with cars infront of grandstands. nc state fairgrounds. Daytona. the use of the front stretch too lol Bloomsburg...
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    Truck Related Official Old School Video Thread

    The pit challenge thing is awesome.only if we had something like this
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    Black Stallion 1

    you also can see the updated mid 90s style body behined him on gravedigger domination
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    speakin of wheel power watever happen to them they started off showing monster trucks and all that but ended up just showing trucks and tractor pulling then all of a sudden it disapear
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    Black Label Society

    slayer/anthrax/rob zombie even have punk trucks the suicide machines/suicidal tenedencies/rancid and even have a rush truck lol yall may disagree but it doesnt hurt to mention the bands lol
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    Black Label Society

    ha that goes to show bands can have trucks too.i remember a long time ago i mentioned wat if slipknot had a truck as for at that time during 2000 they was on tattoo the earth tour supporting there first album.