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  1. Jason Twite

    Samson / PEI 6th Annual Open House - Oct 10th

    Coming fast next weekend in Circleville, Ohio. Always a packed house full of activities and a rare peak inside Patrick Enterprises.
  2. Jason Twite

    Truck Related PEI 5th Annual Open House - October 4th

    Saturday October 4th, 2014 in Circleville, OH at the PEI headquarters. More monster trucks will be on display, Raminator ride truck, plus car & tractor show. I hope to finally make the trek out there this year. Seems to expand larger every year!
  3. Jason Twite

    For Sale West 49 Monster Jam Skate a Zoid complete set

    For Sale: Complete set of the hard to find Hot Wheels Monster Jam West 40 Skate a Zoid trucks. Each color had an estimated production run of 5,000 and you had to spend $20 in the West 49 skate shop just to get 1 truck. These came and went fast and there's little evidence to support all 15,000...
  4. Jason Twite

    Samson Open House October 12th

    2013 is the 30th Anniversary of the Samson Monster Truck!! In the fall of 1983 at the 4 Wheel Drive Jamboree in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Samson Monster Truck, owned and driven by Don Maples of Huntsville, Alabama made its debut. Dan and Chris Patrick purchased the truck and name in 1988...
  5. Jason Twite

    Copyrighted photos for sale on eBay

    A heads-up for anyone owning some particular photos of Grave Digger, Bigfoot, Monster Mutt, Swamp Thing, Maximum Destruction, Aussie Batman, Bounty Hunter and Airforce Afterburner... eBay seller "bocaclocks" is selling unauthorized re-prints in poster sizes. Of course, one of my shots happens to...
  6. Jason Twite

    Show Related Monster Truck Madness IV at Soaring Eagle Casino July 6th

    Midwest Monster Truck Events returns to Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant Michigan for Monster Truck Madness IV on July 6th! Pit Party 5:30 - 6:30. Racing begins at 7pm! Plus, Demolition Derby and Sand Drags! NINE MONSTER TRUCKS: Avenger - Jim Koehler Barbarian - Devin Jones...
  7. Jason Twite

    Site Related Unintentional User Accounts Suspended - Please Tell Us!

    We've received several reports of users trying to sign-in to Monster Mayhem only to be given a message that their account is suspended. There's a 99.9% chance it was not intentional. If you know of any members affected by this, please reply here or PM us or have them use the Help Desk. Only way...
  8. Jason Twite

    Truck Related Jocelyn Perrin returning to drive LadyLuck this summer!

    Just announced on Midwest Monster Truck Events Facebook page ( Jocelyn Perrin will drive Andy Hoffman's second truck, the former War Wagon, now known as "LadyLuck" at several MMT and Monster Truck Throwdown shows this summer! (Picture posted...
  9. Jason Twite

    Show Related 2013 Phoenix Stadium Super Trucks Photos and Recap

    New trucks, new track, and a brand new race series combined to form a history-making event on April 6 in Phoenix, AZ for the debut of Speed Energy Stadium Super Trucks. Cut from the mold of Mickey Thompson off-road championship decades ago, the SST series aims to re-ignite off-road racing in...
  10. Jason Twite

    Truck Related Harley Bad Boy and Taurus hauler rotting in Arizona... why/how?

    Why is a Harley Bad Boy sitting on a flatbed attached to a Dave Turpen Taurus RV hauler rotting away in a meat store parking lot in San Tan Valley, Arizona? Looks like its been sitting for at least a year or more. Engine still in it! Very weird and a big waste.
  11. Jason Twite

    Truck Related Tim Missentzis driving Bigfoot

    Just read a post on TheMonsterBlog Facebook that Tim Missentzis is driving Bigfoot in Jackson Mississippi. Didn't read anything about that until now. According to other line-ups, he's probably in Bigfoot #10. Congrats on the new ride!
  12. Jason Twite

    Older Monster Jam 1/64 ebay listings

    I'm posting numerous 2000 - 2007 1/64th Monster Jam trucks on eBay over the next couple weeks. A few are for sale now including Sting long card, Eradicator flag series, Chill Out, King Bling and more...
  13. Jason Twite

    Hall of Fame Weekend; Lookin' to Buy!

    I'll be at the Monster Truck Hall of Fame all day Saturday and will (most likely) have a table setup of random collectibles and rare items to view mostly focusing on the inductees. I'll have a few things for sale, but definitely am looking to buy! Feel free to bring stuff along and let me know...
  14. Jason Twite

    Press Release 2012 IMTM Hall of Fame Inductees announced

    International Monster Truck Museum Announces 2012 Hall of Fame Class (Auburn, Indiana - IMTM PR) – The International Monster Truck Museum announced today the 2012 Hall of Fame Class of Inductees which will include Jim Kramer, Mike Welch, George Carpenter, Pablo Huffaker and Dennis Anderson. The...
  15. Jason Twite

    Truck Related History of "Armourgeddon" tank in UK? Looks like an excellent quality machine certainly capable of more than limping over the pyramid. Did this originate in the U.S.? If so, what was it's previous identity?
  16. Jason Twite

    Accident in Harrisburg, OR... not actually a monster??? Yes it was a monster truck event, but I'm not aware of any 1975 Ford's running on tractor tires. Tuff Trucks and mud bugs were advertised for the event too. Hopefully injuries aren't serious. Thank you media for...
  17. Jason Twite

    For Sale Everything in the photo must go!

    *Note* Tuff Trax Grave Digger already sold via Facebook post. Everything else seen in the photo is for sale: Monster Jam Cowboy, el Toro Loco Tilt-offs, #33 Chrome Digger Super Chargers Doc Crush and '57 Chevy mint in box. Hog with neon orange tires loose. McDonald's Bulldozer 2004...
  18. Jason Twite

    Lavoie family house fire; kid's collection lost. Legit request?

    I received an email this morning from Jeff Lavoie in Dartmouth, MA. (That name does ring a bell) It was addressed to [email protected] so I'm assuming its a mass-mailer from their list. Jeff writes his family lost their house in a fire on April 8th including his 6 and 7-year old's monster...
  19. Jason Twite

    Show Related Soaring Eagle Casino Mt. Pleasant MI this weekend!

    Who's going?! 10 trucks -- Sand Drags -- Megasaurus and a huge 400-ft long racing track! Avenger Brutus Barbarian Samson High Maintenance Excaliber WV Mountaineer Nitemare Razin' Kane Ice Cream Man 1-Day only this Saturday July 7th at the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt...
  20. Jason Twite

    LaSalle Speedway (Saturday) Photos

    Monster Events @ LaSalle Speedway, LaSalle, IL June 9th Stinger - Zane Rettew Storm Damage - Tim Mente Shell Camino - Shelly Kujat Hurricane Force - Steve Thompson Hurricane 'Steve' entered LaSalle and swept the night! He was first out for Wheelies and blew away the competition with two...