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    Jan 19th Houston show let down

    Wouldnt drive 6 hours for a show, NOT a feld fan so they run their trucks to how ever they run them and well you win some u loose some
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    LEGEND - Foot III

    If Rick bought it there would have been HUGE news or photos about it ...... ricks got alot of old truck but who knows
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    Truck Related North Carolina Monster Trucks??

    Well Gary porter still has his CC leafer at his shop i kno I saw it last yr
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    Monster Patrol

    Boils down to Bucks $$$$ & BullSh*t
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    LEGEND - Foot III

    Any news on its where abouts, Last I heard the Fords (jodi & stevo) where selling to pay medical bills.... Thanks guys
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    Truck Related BIGFOOT IV / massive machine

    Was for sale minus the engine and axles and body . . . ..
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    Nicole Kidman. On a Lincoln Town Car. In front of Iron Warrior.

    OMG nicole kidman . . . . . get clint eastwood a real american icon up there then we will talk
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    any one know what happen to the old magnum jr truck

    Bet ya all didnt kno that before the tempo was changed out it was renamed to Thunder Coupe . . . . . . theres vid of it pulling against mike hoffs Nitro Yes chi town was renamed . . . .
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    HOF Anyone??

    Im going . . . . . . . : ) to support kramer
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    Andy Brass is not dead.

    hes kicked some *** if he was back . . . . .
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    Current NEW ! pics of Gary Porters Carolina crusher #1 ( Frame )

    Current pics taken today 8/29 of the Frame of Gary Porters first Carolina crusher -check them out at the The Old USHRA on facebook !!/groups/327545307265670/
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    FB page Build up - Marvin Smiths Wild hair

    One of are members posted great photos of Marvin Smiths Wild hair in its current condiction, Its not a pretty site but its the real mccoy - Check out ither The Old Ushra or The Build up on facebook
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    BF Firestone display - Hickory NC Aug 10 - 12

    I see Firestone Foot #14 is coming to Hickory Nc Aug 10 - 12 any where abouts on the FCAC is located ? ty - mc
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    this might sound crazy i thought it was at don garlits museum in FL
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    Allen gains model t pulling truck

    Allen still has all this toys execpt for the tank too bad Allen doesnt put MNE in the MTHOF
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    Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread

    I wounder if they would consider selling ?
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    MustRead Robby Gordon teaming up with Bigfoot!

    So its ok for him to screw ya out of a pay check ? THE point im making is that He is very hard to work with & well do ya see anyone stepping up to the plate If ya want a poor/ negitive attitude listen to him on his in car radio. **** Nemco joes team is limited & still does great yea no off road...
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    MustRead Robby Gordon teaming up with Bigfoot!

    No not a poor attitude yes maybe i am a D*ck but when your around ppl in the nascar world EVERY one wants something for nothing & ppl that dont pay ya after they sweet talk ya into doing a 110% work then yea ur gonna get mad . . . .
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    MustRead Robby Gordon teaming up with Bigfoot!

    Like my opinion will matter - Robby Gordon is a D*ck Head, cant run a cup team up to par. runs great in Baja where he needs to stay. Him teaming up with foot TOTAL nightmare I live 10 mins away from him & know ppl on his cup team Robby if ya read this Thanks for not hiring me for ur MT team &...