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    Feld? Who is in charge, I need MT Shows

    Hey Guys I tried my emails, and numbers i had for Mike Wales is he still in charge of Feld? if not who and how do i reach them? Also if you are a promoter or a MT owner and hear of someone looking for a good monster truck to run for/with them I own my truck work as a teacher during the year and...
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    can i email you a pic of the truck so you can post it under my name under trucks that start with...

    can i email you a pic of the truck so you can post it under my name under trucks that start with i for the insane instructor?
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    What size fuel pump?

    Pumps gears, injection units you name it Call Bob Jobstock out of lapeer michigan he owns j&s saw shop and the Wild Child National hemi blown tractor, he has any used part you could think of hes on ebay a lot to. I dont have his number on me look him up on google. Andy Michalik
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    Desperado Mt Call me!

    Drew! Nope still dont have drews number need to contact him soon i need a truck for a local show.
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    Desperado Mt Call me!

    Hey drew i dont have youre number if anyone has it get a hold of me 810-282-1667 trying to reach drew haygon with desperado/dream catcher out of lapeer michigan Andy Michalik
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    Semi vs Motorhome registration

    motor home So here is what i have a 88 international cab over with a sleeper, has a sink. toilet, solar charger (generator) Propan camp stove 120 3 outlet converter, small pizza oven and a electric hot plate. My Michigan Title say Recreation Vehicle so does my registration and Insurance. I pull...
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    Buying monster trucks!!!!

    Not Looking to Sell but we will run with you Im looking for winter/spring shows
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    Looking for Winter Work

    Promoters and Drivers if you need or hear of someone needing a monster truck we are looking to book for winter shows contact Andy Michalik 810-282-1667 or [email protected]
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    Looking for work, want to race my truck

    Hey guys just throwing this out there, I dont have any shows in stone for the winter months if you need a monster truck get a hold of me. or if you hear of a show needing a truck pass my name along. Thank You Andy Michalik Owner Insane Instructor Monster Truck
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    Monster Build for Sale in MICH

    dont know but il ask around i dont live to far from there but ive got no idea whos it is. If i hear anything il get back to you.
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    Grave Digger Horse Power?

    Mt Engines well i tried to read through most of the comments I can personaly tell you, my lower end is exact to what we run in a drag car that chasis dynod at 724 to the rear tires so approx 15-20% more power at the engine, now what is differnt btween my drag engine and my mt engine is 1 the...
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    Genesse county fair 2010

    Josh Do you have a Number? I thought i had his number butt when i called the area code had changed and someone else was on the voice mail unless i have the number down wrong.
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    Genesse county fair 2010

    who is in charge this year ? i want to race my truck [email protected]
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    Anyone know the width of a pettibone axle from planetary end to planetary end???

    pettibone axles I run full width pettis my truck fits in a 102 wide trailer if my memory is right i want to say 97in sounds right pan to pan
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    Pontiac SilverDome

    Yea I want to Race in that show my truck is itchn for the dome
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    Pontiac SilverDome

    Silverdome Hey if anyone has connections to the dome show the Insane Instructor Wants to do this event Contact me. 810-282-1667 Andy Michalik
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    Flint Mi Perani Areana Monster Truck Show

    Thanks We were in the shop last night putting a piece of 2.5 in tube around my forlink bars to make them even stronger. Thanks im sure we will have a good time
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    Flint Mi Perani Areana Monster Truck Show

    Just letting everyone know the Steel Thunder Monster Trucks are comming to flint Jan 29th and 30th Friday night show sat afternoon and saturday night. Should be a good time.
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    Topeka, KS TNT Monsters Re-cap

    I think all the teams worked great top get the trucks up and running. The fans had a blast. Dean and Woody did a excellent job, we even got to say hi to the stadium manager he once ran the flint perani areana was a awsome guy. The techs/owner of topeka trans thank you for the help. if anyone...
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    Topeka, KS TNT Monsters Re-cap

    We had a great time in kansas Like everyone said we had a few parts break on friday we blew a planitary and sprag and clutch set fixed it saturday morning and went out sat night for a good show. Had a blast trucks in the shop right now and we will be doing a heack of an upgrade on the 4link bars.