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    F106 Load Bolts

    Does anyone have pics of a F106 with a load bolt? I need to put Load bolts in mine but I don't want to drill the wrong spot
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    pettibone breakage

    I am building my truck with pettibones. What are the most common parts to break on the pettibones? I have seen how Derrik Heavy hitter has a curved plate welded to the knuckle then the tabs for cylenders and tie rods mounted to that curved plate. other guys have just welded the tabs right to the...
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    Suggestion to increase this sites usage

    I have seen comments about this site being slow. I know the suggestion of a classified section has been made. I would like to see a classified section added on here and I think that it would increase traffic. If there was a classified section on here it would draw more of the teams to stay...
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    Bucking Bronco Crew Needed

    The Build on the new Bucking Bronco is coming along well. However we are short on crew hands. If you have any skills and are wanting to work on a Monster Truck Build let us know. The pay sucks (volunteer only) But we have fun doing it. When we say work we mean it, we get dirty and get stuff...
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    I'm Debating whether or not to run a jack shaft to have both drive shafts the same length or just run both shafts directly to the profab case. what do you guys think?
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    Steering wheel and trans shifter

    Any recommendations on what steering wheel and trans shifter to run? I am running turbo 400
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    Orbital steering valve

    I need to order a orbital steering valve, I am running chev ps pump drilled out and 2"x8" cylenders. anyone know the part number for the right orbital and lock valve?
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    Axle Shafts

    Where do you buy your axle Shafts? I have 106 centers 40" flange to flange and am running pettibones
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    wanted igniton parts

    I have a 468 chev with 871 blower, I need MSD 12 Disributor and pro mag or something similar that will work. Looking for good used parts
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    Blower and Hat

    I am looking for a good used blower and hat, I have a 496 ci being built but still need a blower and hat
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    Just Wondering if a classified section will be added in the future? Even if only contributing members where aloud to post I would be cool with that and I think it would be fare. If you can buy and sell parts here you should be able to through in a few bucks to help keep the site going.
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    4 Link Mounting brackets

    I am close to making 4 Link Mounting brackets on my chassis. what is the most standard 4 link bar length? I want all of my 4-link bars to be the same length front, back, top and bottom. How far should the top link holes be ahead of the lowers to use the same length bars? I know they will very a...
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    Rod end mounting

    I Have saw soom posts on here about rod end mounting width saying that most trucks 4-link mounts are 2" apart potentially causing the rod end to bind and break. I will be running the standard 1 1/4x1 4 link rod ends, what is the minimum width between mounts so the rod end won't bind? How far in...
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    Turbo 400 build

    I am building a Turbo 400, I have ordered 300m input and intermeidiate shafts, hardened drum, 36 element sprage Heavy duty clutch plates. Any suggestions on anything else that should be done? I will be running a 468 ci blown chevy maybe 1200-1300 hp I am guessing. I am trying to build something...
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    Engine mounting plates

    Does anyone have the drawings for engine mounting plates? I have a local water jet cutting guy that can cut them I just need the exact specs. I don't want to try and measure it and the holes be off. I am using a 454 big block chevy and turbo 400 trans
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    Used shocks

    I am looking for a good used set of 8 shocks for my build.
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    pettibone pie pan differences

    I Bought 6 Piepans. Some of them have all of the same size bolts on the flange, and some have 2 different size bolts on the flange and I think they have different bolt patterns on the spindle. what are the differences in these piepans, are most of the parts interchangeable? which one is better?
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    Building Axles Pettibone Piepans with f106 centers

    I am Building Axles f106 with Pettibone Piepan planetaries. I have not desided on the width of the axle yet. Does anyone know a common width to build these axles? A flange to flange measurement on the f106?
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    New Canadian Monster Truck in the Works

    I am building a new Monster Truck Race Truck. I am currently building the chassis. I have Pettibone Planetaries on the way. Other then that I need a lot of parts. I am interested in GOOD used parts. Looking for good deals to get this truck built Kevin Bucking Bronco