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    For Sale Mega Merc on e-bay

    Daniel Donnelly: Do you what the difference between a crew man, and a tire down ***** is ? I think you are very confused with that as well as all the information you put out. I would like to meet your resources and smack them all in the face.
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    Monster Truck model build off

    Use a Hobby Knife, and then sand. You would be surprised.
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    i jacked up my name by being new to the site, as in, my name is green, i didn't think it ment...

    i jacked up my name by being new to the site, as in, my name is green, i didn't think it ment anything, How can I change it to blue I think it it?
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    Info Oldest 1/64 Scale and etc Help

    The elite 4 to have from 2000: Grave Digger, Goldberg, Sting, and WCW Nitro Machine. They are some of the hardest trucks to find now.
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    Selling my Grave Digger rc truck

    If you do not have the money, then why even say anything ? Your just wasting his time.
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    Minneapolis Monster Jam

    Looks like the typical line up.
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    It doesn't take much space at all, there trippin LOL. It is real easy to install, and you do not need to sign up on sim-monsters to get all the tracks and trucks.
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    I am looking for an Airbrush Artist.

    I already have Terry painting me bodies, and I want someone else to do this one. He has to much work on his hands, I don't want to add to it. And thanks Chad that is a ton !!
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    I am looking for an Airbrush Artist.

    Hello there, As some of you know, I am building a replica CRD. I need a very highly skilled airbrush artist that can paint me a rather simpler design on a 1/10 body. I want it professionally done so it looks perfect. If you are an Airbrush Artist, or have links, or Know someone that can...
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    Fuel Cells

    They do have metal fuel cells out there, JAZ makes them, Bigfoot Racing uses them.
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    Site Related R/C Truck Links - Want your own R/C replica?"

    Who painted those bodies ? Get back to me ASAP
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    Found some bigfoot 91 r/c bodys on ebay

    If you go in there store, they also have Wolverine, Goldberg, Snake Bite, BULLDOZER, spiderman, and bigfoot bodies as well !!!
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    Lets See your RC Trucks!!

    Nice Work Tony! Best Clod I seen yet !
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    Rarest monster jam eBay lot ever!.... not.

    There is only 4 rare trucks in my opinion. I am fortunate to have all 4. The original Grave Digger, Sting, WCW Nitro MAchine, and Goldberg.
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    Grave Digger 30th Anniv. Art Work

    Allen light thanks for stealing my artwork and calling it your own. You like taking my time and pride and flushing it down the toilet don't ya? That is not your creation, you cut my truck and pasted it on a back round. How low can someone go ????
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    CRD Build-Off 1

    Hey Daniel, Everything is custom built and fabricated. And something that small is a B**** believe me! The sponsors come off the Parma Offroad, Monster Jam, and Traxxas vinyl decal sheets. Thanks for the kind words!
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    Rick Disharoon making a comeback?

    BACKDRAFT looked it's best when he owned it. Nothing against the Slifko's , But, I loved the look it had with the Flames covering the body.
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    CRD Build-Off 1

    Here is a pic of the frame with the sheet mounted on there, with some throw around sponsors.