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  1. adamsoffroad


    Havin some fun at TGW in King Knob WV. The cracked lower kingpin weld didn't like the air. lol
  2. adamsoffroad

    For Sale Concussion chassis

    Saw this forsale if anyone is lookin
  3. adamsoffroad

    Show Related Indy jambo

    Maybe I missed it but who's attending the Indy jambo? We're headin out either wed or thurs. night.
  4. adamsoffroad

    First ever completed backflip in a Megatruck.

    Here's a vid of my buddy Corey Rummel at Michigan Mudjam completeing a backflip in his Megatruck. Corey has crewed for a few different monster teams so some may know him.
  5. adamsoffroad

    Cambria county fair ebensburg Pa.

    I see Bigfoot is on the schedule for Saturday night. Anyone know if this is gonna be a 1 truck exhibition or will there be other trucks?
  6. adamsoffroad

    For Sale 48' monstertruck trailer

    Dorsey 48' triple drop single axle enclosed trailer setup for monstertruck. Has 67" wide by 89" high double door on curbside and has 24"x24"access curbside door at front and 10' rear doors 96.5" wide at doors which could be modified if needed and it's 98" wide inside, 12' high in belly and 9'...
  7. adamsoffroad

    rockwell planetaries for sale

    I have 4 Rockwell Ps205 corners (or as some people call them 2 piece ps250's) forsale. $1800 for all 4. these have rezeppa shafts in them also. 814 494 2659
  8. adamsoffroad

    a little snow fun.

    we had some snow so decided to take the mud monster out for a rip. enjoy. lol here's a couple vids
  9. adamsoffroad

    Truck Related Bearfoot. Holy cow how did everyone miss this.

    Wow here and then gone.
  10. adamsoffroad

    Indy Jambo

    Who all is goin? I think we are bringin 2 mud monsters. We just gotta get both trucks and 8 tires stuffed in my 48' trailer. i think they'll fit with some majic tricks.
  11. adamsoffroad

    anyone up for some side by side monster racin?

    Aug 10th and 11th Yankee Lake Truck Night is having a Monster Truck vs. Mega Truck race. It's gonna be a straight line course setup like the old days. The monsters running so far will be Bad Habit, Nitemare Express, Screamin Demon, Big Brown, and the Mistress. They will be pitted against a few...
  12. adamsoffroad


    Well Stomper is beginning it's journey to it's new home this weekend. It'll be to it's new home on monday gettin ready to be reworked and is possibly gonna be struttin it's stuff by Jan. at a show. I'll have some pics soon. ;p It's gettin a ride home north along with another ol' skooler. ;]
  13. adamsoffroad

    Truck Related todays fun

    Trying out my new Blackrock Fab/ Heckler Motorsports shocks (No name decided yet for them.) lol Gonna do a little dozer work to the jumps so I have more room for take off and landing so we can see what they are really capable of...
  14. adamsoffroad

    Truck Related New Monster product for the 5ton toploader

    Here are some pics of the new 5 ton kingpin reinforcements made by Russ Gearhart at Gearhart Engineering. This is the answer to the kingpin issues of the old days with the 5ton toploader. And with there being a few new 5ton race trucks being built presently this was decided as a must. Russ has...
  15. adamsoffroad

    caption this: Trey Myers

    Trey-- far right Hmmmm boy I'd like to take her to dinner... But man would I be in trouble when I get home..
  16. adamsoffroad

    lookin for pics

    Anyone have pics of the "Why Not" Monster ride truck?
  17. adamsoffroad

    Truck Related my monster

    Well finally put the 66's on the truck with my wheels I made. Been playin with it as a toy to try to work the magority of the bugs out of it. So it's about time to quit usin it as a toy and start makin some dough with it. lol Gonna do a little more goofin around with the truck then the body...
  18. adamsoffroad

    finally put the floaters on it. lol

    Well finally put the 66's on the truck with my wheels I made. Gonna do a little more goofin around with the truck then the body is comin off and I'm gonna put the full cage in it and get it ready for fiberglass body and the other finishing touches to make it show ready. And the new swaybars...
  19. adamsoffroad

    Truck Related new rules added by feld

    I read through some of the new rule book and I read a few sentances that I have ques. about. The one Rule now says No chain drive drop boxes. I see this will single a few trucks that are running and being built. If it has a proper box built around it I don't see why it would be considered...
  20. adamsoffroad

    whereabouts of Big Bear/Gentle Ben

    I've seen a few recent photos of the truck sitting in the weeds. Does anyone know it's whereabouts? Truck still looks decent