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    LEGEND - Foot III

    Any news on its where abouts, Last I heard the Fords (jodi & stevo) where selling to pay medical bills.... Thanks guys
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    Current NEW ! pics of Gary Porters Carolina crusher #1 ( Frame )

    Current pics taken today 8/29 of the Frame of Gary Porters first Carolina crusher -check them out at the The Old USHRA on facebook !!/groups/327545307265670/
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    FB page Build up - Marvin Smiths Wild hair

    One of are members posted great photos of Marvin Smiths Wild hair in its current condiction, Its not a pretty site but its the real mccoy - Check out ither The Old Ushra or The Build up on facebook
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    BF Firestone display - Hickory NC Aug 10 - 12

    I see Firestone Foot #14 is coming to Hickory Nc Aug 10 - 12 any where abouts on the FCAC is located ? ty - mc
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    FB The Old USHRA

    Cant get enough old school Monsters, do ya have Facebook - check out The Old Ushra Tons of photos stories and talk with great memebers some that are even drivers ! Also Check out The Build UP for Chassis nuts like me come and see your truck Naked ooooooo:)
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    Flood Pro - AKA Bigfoot #2

    Flood Pro - AKA Bigfoot #2, last heard it was Owned & runned by Russ Palmer of Mesa Az. Any updates, looking for contact info Thanks guys POST #1,200 WOOOOOOOOO
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    Like Monster Truck Chassis & have FB Check this page out

    its called The Build UP, a page for unbuilt chassis & their history. . . . . Feel free to join & post pics along with stories
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    Chassis pics ?

    Im starting one more page called The Build UP on FB, it will be for chassis of all four stages of trucks - I saw a thread with nothing but chassis pics to whom ever posted them pics & you have F B pls post them on The Build UP...
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    LIKE OLD SCHOOL MONSTER ? & you have Face book

    I run a page on face book called The Old Ushra, a page containing pics and stories from the beginning up to the end of 1997. Stop by check us out **** join the more the better!/groups/327545307265670/?notif_t=group_activity
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    old school hat i found

    Old school hat i found with my other MT stuff i do have pics but i cant upload them dky, its for sale or will go to the hall of fame. Email if interested for pics buy pays shipping Drivers who signed it Dan Runte Eric Tack Bob Chandler Fred Shafer Pam Vaters Doc Reily Army Armstrong...
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    LEGEND - aka BIGFOOT #3 ????

    Was looking at their web page, does any one have news or updates on stevo and jodi ford and LEGEND / BIGFOOT #3
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    ATT all pulling nuts I need help

    ALL my tractor pulling buddies lend me your ears I am in need of a pic a rare pic Gary collins ran the bud boss along with avenger he also had budweiser on it with the BUD colors does any one have a pic of avenger with the bud colors thanks !
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    ADRL this weekend Bigfoot #16 & R2

    Runte and #16 this weekend at adrl anyone going - Ill be wearing the firestone wilderness Tshirt / hanging by the truck mostly if ya wanna chew the fat come on over - MC
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    MT magazines, Old ones for sale

    Old mt magazines, the little BF is sorta in rough shape but still together asking $10 plus $5 for shipping Well i tired to get a pic on here but it will not work PLS email me at [email protected] and i will send a pic asap ! thanks
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    TEAMS that are in need of an extra set of hands

    If your a team needing a extra set of hands this weekend at charlotte or for the future I would be willing to helo out in any way i can, im an 25 yo m with complete automotive / racing resume i want to get into the industry
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    Tubing Info needed

    I am looking to gather some info on what type of tubing is used to build a truck.
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    Old MJ hotwheels ! heads up

    Hey guys - im here in NY spending some time home at my dads, found some UNopen Mj hotweels, I will be bringing them back to NC with me and i will post pics They will be for sale. Mostly GoldBerg / Team meents / Max D and Digger. Yes my goldberg truck is the ORGINAL long card when they first...
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    any one notice that the stuff in ebay on bigfoot one seller thinks some of he old bigfoot stuff is worth $, it looks great but not at that price
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    last known footage of BIGFOOT #9

    Not trying to sture up any fights last know footage of bigfoot #9 engine sounds like crap 2007 YouTube - ‪Bigfoot em Caldas Novas-GO Brasil‬‏
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    Where abouts . . . on Coors light Top dawg

    Ok im sitting here & im on my 5th COORS light, & was looking at some pics of the Coors light Top dawg aka King Krunch #II I think, & latey I have been wonder where USA motorsports stored the truck or who owns it to present time. Like I stated it was king Krunch then scott sold it to USA...