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    Feld? Who is in charge, I need MT Shows

    Hey Guys I tried my emails, and numbers i had for Mike Wales is he still in charge of Feld? if not who and how do i reach them? Also if you are a promoter or a MT owner and hear of someone looking for a good monster truck to run for/with them I own my truck work as a teacher during the year and...
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    Desperado Mt Call me!

    Hey drew i dont have youre number if anyone has it get a hold of me 810-282-1667 trying to reach drew haygon with desperado/dream catcher out of lapeer michigan Andy Michalik
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    Looking for Winter Work

    Promoters and Drivers if you need or hear of someone needing a monster truck we are looking to book for winter shows contact Andy Michalik 810-282-1667 or [email protected]
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    Looking for work, want to race my truck

    Hey guys just throwing this out there, I dont have any shows in stone for the winter months if you need a monster truck get a hold of me. or if you hear of a show needing a truck pass my name along. Thank You Andy Michalik Owner Insane Instructor Monster Truck
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    Genesse county fair 2010

    who is in charge this year ? i want to race my truck [email protected]
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    Flint Mi Perani Areana Monster Truck Show

    Just letting everyone know the Steel Thunder Monster Trucks are comming to flint Jan 29th and 30th Friday night show sat afternoon and saturday night. Should be a good time.
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    Jan 8th n 9th Insane Instructor and more in kansas

    Hye guys we just put on the venue at Topeka Kansas the Expo Center for Jan 8th and 9th If your in the Area stop and enjoy the show. Andy Michalik Insane Instructor MT
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    I need a engine diaper/blower belt guard and blower restraints

    Ok im looking for a few last parts i need a blower belt guard, blower restraint, and an engine diaper. They can be out of date as long as they look good for now. Let me know what you have please dont hit me with a huge price Im on a heck of a budget and Just asked my woman to Marry Me on...
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    Michigan Monster Looking For upcomming local shows

    If anyone has info on the Flint Michigan perannie areana monster truck show, please contact me. Im looking to get set up with the promoter to do either an exebition run or compete that night. Andy Michalik Insane Instructor Monter Truck Racing. 810-282-1667 [email protected]
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    Larry Birch RII Questions, How to Wire it Up?

    Hey im looking for someone who may have a wiring guide or a good working idea of conecting my RII to a vertex magneto, in the next few days (Pronto) please give me a call, dont respond on this site i will be away from my office for a few days. Andy Michalik Owner Bad Andy Racing LLC. Home of...