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  1. MonkeyDad

    2019 diecast: Hot Wheels out, Spin Master in.

    Sad that HW is no longer going to produce Monster Jam diecasts, but Spin Master's stuff looks great from the previews I have seen. Hot Wheels started a new line of fictional trucks and MAY be making Bigfoot trucks, including told school bodies. Anyone else excited for the change?
  2. MonkeyDad

    2017 Hot Wheels Monster Jam - Flags!

    2017's Hot Wheels Monster Jam accessories is flags again, but these are flexible plastic team flags that attach to the rear chassis. We picked up a CHROME Son-Uva-Digger. On the back of the package, they are now grouping the trucks into groups or teams. Chrome for MJ's 25th Anniversary is...
  3. MonkeyDad

    Harrisburg, PA 2016 show

    Does anyone know what the lineup will be at the Harrisburg Farm Show Arena (PA) show? It's on 03/12, just a few weeks away and I cannot find the lineup to decide if I want to attend. I e-mailed the promoter, no reply. The Arena page or ticket sales pages have no info. I do know...
  4. MonkeyDad

    2016 MJ Hot Wheels

    First 1:64-scale 2016 trucks are appearing online now. They're going back to crush cars, better than the "Battle Slammers" for me. Also a few 1:24-scale:
  5. MonkeyDad

    Car Killer Tank is coming back!

    Zane Rettew, the owner and drive of the Stinger monster truck has found and purchased the old tank named Car Killer. He's planning on rehabbing it to compete in outdoor monster truck shows.
  6. MonkeyDad

    Rislone Defender For Sale

    Looks like the full operation for sale: $100K sounds like a good deal for the monster truck and transporter.
  7. MonkeyDad

    Taurus coming back

    Apparently, Taurus is coming back. The team bought a body from Heavy Hitter and this is on their FB page: - - - Updated - - - July 19 is supposed to be the reveal date according to the team.
  8. MonkeyDad

    Harrisburg, PA Show 03/08/14

    Can anyone find a truck line-up for the Harrisburg, PA show on March 8? I know Stinger has confirmed he's running but the Outlaw Monster Trucks promoter page isn't updated and their FB/Twitter pages are gone. Zane also said there's an "all new lineup". Usually, it's a couple of Jimmy...
  9. MonkeyDad

    Avenger and El Toro Loco Crash

    In Atlanta on January 11 during racing, a very hard hit that has sparked some discussion about if the officials could have used the RII to prevent it. Avenger lost control, stuck throttle perhaps in a race against El Toro Loco. Jim's truck traveled half way across the stadium and a hard...
  10. MonkeyDad

    NEW TRUCK: New Earth Authority

  11. MonkeyDad

    Has the MFC site been hacked again or have you chosen not to renew the domain, Marcel? One of my favorite sites on the internet, sad to be without it again.
  12. MonkeyDad

    Outlaw Monster Truck Shows

    I went to an Outlaw Monster Truck event last year with my son and it was not a bad show...seemed to be run relatively well and there was a great lineup. My son really enjoyed it, especially he extended Pit Party. I was just searching for a lineup for the upcoming March show in Harrisburg...
  13. MonkeyDad

    2013 HW Demolition Doubles 2-packs

    New 2 packs in 2013 called "Demolition Doubles". The sets I've seen online so far:
  14. MonkeyDad

    FS - Some older small wheel trucks

    I just listed some of my tougher-to-find trucks on eBay. I split them into 2 lots for shipping ease. Very fair prices I think because most of these are selling for $10.00 loose EACH on eBay. I don't feel like going through all of that shipping and packaging hassle to sell them individually...
  15. MonkeyDad

    Animal Monster Trucks

    Anyone else have one of these as a kid? :D YouTube - Animal Monster Trucks
  16. MonkeyDad

    Anyone need new Time Flys and Felon?

    I scored the tough-to-find Time Flys finally and have a few spares. I also have The Felon available. All are new in mint packages. Took me a lot of searching to find these in stores and I know others are also having difficulty finding them. Time Flys is an awesome-looking truck. Hot Wheels...