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    usa-1 1989 truck what coulda been?

    Always woundered, not sure how in depth its been covered about the 89 truck that was never finished and quite frankly dont understand why. I understand on everetts site it was said they were too busy after the 88 season to get it ready and with all the crashes on 89 i bet there wasnt a second to...
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    Anyone got any news on monster jam/trucks on TV

    perhaps mav tv might get it, quite a few speed shows are now on it
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    When did 540/572 w/871 alachol become the "norm"

    the era is here now that teams should be able to experiment with more current setups such as 454 lsx combos with more eficient big displacement modern blowers that have come out in the past 5 years or so than can make as much power on 93 as a 540 does on methonal and will last probably 2 to 3x...
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    michigan monster trucks at bad axe mi 7-23

    Fair is having monster trucks for the first time, they said 6 but didnt say who they were
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    Outlaw 35

    i remember seeing this truck for sale in truck race & wreck in may 99, cant believe how bad it looks now, but i guess 13 years is a long time already
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    Trucks no longer with Monster Jam

    Those trucks running into other trucks you mentioned were accidents. I'm talking about intentionally running into each other like what happens at the world finals now like with the andersons and the max d trucks. I wish feld would bring back some j turn and st louis style courses back. Racing is...
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    Trucks no longer with Monster Jam

    As much as I love this sport I know it will allways be wrestling on wheels, and with monster jam turning it into a freestyle crash fest and now smashing other trucks it will ruin any chance of a more adult oriented series where racing and points matter, and trucks look like off the dealer lot...
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    Monster Jam's future at Sam Boyd Stadium for the World Finals???

    How much parking and stuff does anaheim stadium have? They got lots of floorspace with the baseball diamond shape
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    Monster Jam's future at Sam Boyd Stadium for the World Finals???

    Goin old skool here, bring the wolrd finals back to.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................. the SILVERDOME!
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    Lets talk about Predator!

    Out of curiosity, does allen run a chrysler hemi or an arias hemi head big block chevy?
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    Monster Jam's future at Sam Boyd Stadium for the World Finals???

    If it does happen it would probly be a good 5 years before the chance of shut down, if it happens, my guess if a new place is needed would be orlando, it has the biggest turnout each year already at over 70,000 and has the floor space for the long j track and abundantly large obstacles, I think...
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    Amount of tubing in a roll cage.

    Take a tape measure and go to new and used car lots at night and start getting rough estemates by taking measurments of the outside of pickups that have the body style your considering, its not illegal and you got all the time you need without being pestered by salesmen
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    I LOVE!!! The new xdp truck, is there plans for it to be in organized competitions or mainly displays ans exhibition car crushes?
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    Jack Wilman - Taurus

    If I remember correctly #4 was built in 92? And was the first with round tube for the main rail, so there were 2 taurus trucks running at one time possibly, unless 3 was parked during this time, I'm guessing when jack sr broke his back in 94 he decided to sell that one to schafer too, that left...
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    Truck Related New Monster product for the 5ton toploader

    He said something about nemesis ran 5tons so I went and looked at pics at monster photos being I never heard of it and if you look at pics of nemises 2 (same chassis) there are some pics with coil overs on it but there are some pics especially the last one when its on transport tires the shocks...
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    Truck Related New Monster product for the 5ton toploader

    Lol how well did the hydraulic rams converted into shocks work on the nemesis truck?
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    how decent is feld to work for?

    I emailed an application to feld Friday for their opening for a monster truck mechanic (who knows if they will even call me) I am curious if anyone else here works for feld or knows how they run, do they treat employees well?
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    on its way to sema

    Are you running a 5.9 block or a 6.7 block?
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    whats the history of grave diggers 7 and 8 between the years of 1997-1999?

    Maybe by now its been scrapped possibly, feld seems to like to scrap what's bad and keep what's good, maybe they don't wana deal with selling or the liability that comes with selling stuff.