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    I am looking for an Airbrush Artist.

    Hello there, As some of you know, I am building a replica CRD. I need a very highly skilled airbrush artist that can paint me a rather simpler design on a 1/10 body. I want it professionally done so it looks perfect. If you are an Airbrush Artist, or have links, or Know someone that can...
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    CRD Build-Off 1

    Some of you have seen this, but I wanted to show this to the people who have not. This is a replica of a CRD in 1/10th scale. Some things are alittle bit off. This being my first rc build, I am quite proud of it. All I have left is to fabricate it, and there is alot! [/IMG]
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    Grave Digger 30th Anniv. Art Work

    Hello all, I finished up this special Grave Digger last weekend. It spread fast on FaceBook. I was just wondering what the Diehard's on here think of it. Hope you all like it. -Tyler
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    My CRD frame Complete.

    All that is left is fabrications, I went all out on this, using Robby Gordon's photo gallery. I did add and take away a few bars, as for the real crd's are near different from one another, but the concept is similar. I love the engineering on this truck, which is why I chose it.
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    Introducing myself/could use some help.

    Hello all, Some of you may know me from facebook as the guy who draws monster trucks. Alot of friends have asked me to join this site, and I hope someone will spot this and shoot me a friend request or whatever and show me around and how to navigate threw this site as for I am a Mayhem...