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  1. Jus Show N Off

    Show Related 9/20 & 21 - Monster Jam @ Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville, Iowa

    Wanted to post this up to see who is going, etc. Probably my favorite motorsports venue in the country, fantastic seating, great concessions and awesome lighting. 6 truck line up: (2 company trucks and 4 indies) Grave Digger? driven by Gary Porter Monster Mutt? driven by Whit...
  2. Jus Show N Off

    Show Related TMS Rolling Thunder show - July 22nd, Centerville, Iowa

    Happened to see this in the newspaper of a community about 30 minutes from me, so I did some looking into it... Stanley Torgerson show... in a town of 5,500 population. I've searched for a line up but there is nothing to be found. I'm also confused on which Torgerson is which - but there you...
  3. Jus Show N Off

    The Official 2011 Minneapolis Monster Jam Roll Call Thread

    The yearly tradition continues. Which mayhemers are going to be making it to Minneapolis this Saturday for the opening round of the 2011 1st quarter shows? It seems like the first Minny show of the year always gets a lot of coverage on the board and a lot of Mayhemers in attendance - so who's...
  4. Jus Show N Off

    Show Related Info on August 21st Outlaw Show in Iowa

    I just heard a commercial (quite an awful commercial actually) for this show while I was slaving away in the shop yesterday. Kinda wondering if anyone knows the trucks that will be performing at the show? It is taking place in Oskaloosa, Iowa on 8-21 - that town is only half an hour away from...
  5. Jus Show N Off

    Does anyone have any actions shots of the new Bigfoot Bad Boy?

    Hey everyone, we're trying to get some good action shots of the new Bigfoot Bad Boy. If you've got 1 or some - we'd love to have a copy! Post em up in here - or shoot me an email kurt (at) checkeredflagproductions (dot) com Thanks!!!
  6. Jus Show N Off

    Off-Topic Mini supercross tracks, very cool! I know this isn't directly MT related, but seeing some of the cool stuff you guys have made in the past - I knew you'd dig this. They all seem to retail for around $100 - $150, which really doesn't strike me as being too...
  7. Jus Show N Off

    Show Related 1/8-9 Des Moines Monster Jam - anyone else going?

    I know there are quite a few shows that weekend, and even another one in Iowa on the same weekend which is a ridiculous miracle - and also the live on Speed show from Atlanta - but is there any chance that anyone else here is going to be attending the show in Des Moines at Wells Fargo Arena...
  8. Jus Show N Off

    An incredibly far and outside photo request, Ames, Iowa 1987 or 88

    So, I'm sure this one is pretty odd as it is the only truck show I know of that has ever gone down in Ames, Iowa. It was in 1987 or 1988 at Hilton Coliseum, and in effect it was the first monster truck show that I was ever aware of being in attendance at. From what my 3-4 year old (at the...