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    usa-1 1989 truck what coulda been?

    Always woundered, not sure how in depth its been covered about the 89 truck that was never finished and quite frankly dont understand why. I understand on everetts site it was said they were too busy after the 88 season to get it ready and with all the crashes on 89 i bet there wasnt a second to...
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    michigan monster trucks at bad axe mi 7-23

    Fair is having monster trucks for the first time, they said 6 but didnt say who they were
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    how decent is feld to work for?

    I emailed an application to feld Friday for their opening for a monster truck mechanic (who knows if they will even call me) I am curious if anyone else here works for feld or knows how they run, do they treat employees well?
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    whats the history of grave diggers 7 and 8 between the years of 1997-1999?

    After dennis switched to 12 who took over 7 untill it was updated for dennis again and what was the deal with #8 when dennis drove it and beat the crap out of it in 99 to be suposably retiring it when it ran for several years after that?
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    Dennis anderson getting a new truck?

    I noticed on grave diggers wikipedia a change from the last time I checked it said grave digger 26 was adams taz converted into gd the legend, but now it says its a new cohen chassis currently being build for dennis, does annyone have any insight or pics of this being real?
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    Grave Digger IV and V pics.

    hi just wondering if anybody had pictures of these 2 diggers, ive never seen any video or pictures of them and am real curious what their chassis looked like, oh and when did grave digger 2 get the square tubing craddle added to the truck out of curiosity?