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  1. drjoliver

    Working RII needed ASAP

    Displaying a ride truck at the World Finals and need an RII per their requirements. Birch is gonna be awhile before they have one in and we don't want to push it to the end. Call or text anytime Thanks
  2. drjoliver

    Logan, UT Sept 21/22 Monster Truck Madness in the Mountains

    RSVP on Facebook and get your tickets at or either Logan O'Reilly Auto Parts locations
  3. drjoliver

    We need 1 truck September 21-22 in Logan, UT

    Please contact me if you're available. Could possibly do a 2 truck team if terms fit the budget. Call or text anytime. Thanks
  4. drjoliver

    Event insurance leads

    Delete Delete please
  5. drjoliver

    Need some SCS gears

    Where is the best place to pick them up? I have been searching online with no luck. Mine have a 32 spline. Currently, 31/33 and I want to underdrive as much as possible. Anyone know what's the lowest ratio you can go in their case on the upper quick change gears?
  6. drjoliver

    Pair of snap ring rims for sale

    Ad listed in the Classified section with a pic. $600 for the pair.
  7. drjoliver

    OSIRIS shirts 2XL and 3XL and babydoll preorder

    I'm going to be ordering more husky sized shirts :D and babydolls. I would like to get a preorder count. Same design and colors as the original shirts. Prices are $25 shipped for the 2XLs, 3XLs and babydolls. If you're interested in either of these sizes or babydolls, post here what...
  8. drjoliver

    First display today went off great.

    Had our first display April 30th. Most things went pretty well. Got to drive the truck for the first time with the 66s on and that was nice to finally have that happen. More bugs to keep working out, but hey, I'm finally truckin' :D
  9. drjoliver

    OSIRIS shirts in stock

    $20 shipped to the lower 48 US. Available Sizes: Adult M, L and Youth M PM me if interested
  10. drjoliver

    Saginaw return line question

    Thought I would ask here. On my Saginaw pump, the return line kicks out left straight towards my headers. I haven't torn into one of these pumps, but I'm assuming the return line barb is part of the housing. Should I just replace it with a straight barb or can I bend it straight without...
  11. drjoliver

    Truck fired today

    I got the engine to give it's first bark :D I need to button up alot of small things, then I'll be able to take it for a drive. My biggest thing to do now is the mount for the Saginaw PS pump mount. I'm trying to keep it tucked into the frame rails and it's going to be tight. It may...
  12. drjoliver

    Pettibone question

    I'm tearing down a set of Pie Pans and I can't figure for the life of me how to get the hub off. I have the planets and carrier out. Sun gear out, etc. I can see the bearing seal and the bearing on the spindle. I was spinning the hub and pulling at the same time and it won't come off. I also...
  13. drjoliver

    Pettibone Pie pan planetaries and Rockwells FOR SALE

    I have a set of 4 complete Pettibone pie pan planets for sale SOLD Also, a set of 4 complete PS250 planets (2 piece knuckles) for sale $2000 Call or text Derek 435-881-8717
  14. drjoliver

    4 Rockwell PS250 corners for sale or complete axles

    I have 4 complete PS 250s corners. 2 piece knuckles $3000 I also have the 3rd members if you're interested in complete axles. PICS ADDED Call or text me 435-881-8717
  15. drjoliver

    (4) 66x43x25 tires 8/10 ply

    I updated the price on a full set of 66s Would like to get $1000 or will trade for Enderle Birdcatcher. PM for info. Thanks
  16. drjoliver

    Sneak Peek!!

    I have alot left to do, but thought I would give a peek. It looks orange in the lighting, but it's a very bright red
  17. drjoliver

    Anyone have an RII transmitter for sale??

    I have messages left with Birch and Motorsports Communications. Anyone know of a used transmitter??? Thanks
  18. drjoliver

    New Truck Graphic Released

    Final approval was given by the artist for the release of the graphic to be used on one of our trucks. The name is still witheld until negotiations are complete with our potential sponsor. Artist: Mike Biggs
  19. drjoliver

    More pics added to my Facebook.!/pages/Suicide-King-Monster-Truck/124526384238973?ref=sgm