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  1. Patrick Carroll

    House M.D 3-21-11 "fall from Grace"

    While watching house tonight... There was some good air time for Collossus (Obsession) tonight. Dr House took his team for a ride in the truck...
  2. Patrick Carroll

    Dennis Anderson Caption it

    Seen this on facebook and thought it was a great picture to "Caption it"
  3. Patrick Carroll

    Show Related Anaheim and Los Angeles pit party heads up

    Just noticed this and wanted to give a heads up to the ones that will be going to one of the So Cal show. I noticed today that the 3 Anahiem and 1 Dodger event pages on monster jam's website that there is no pit pass locations this year and you will have to buy one on ticketmaster or at the...
  4. Patrick Carroll

    Time Flys headlines in local newspaper..

    Time Flys made the headlines of the local paper about the Hot Wheel thats on store shelfs now...
  5. Patrick Carroll

    As seen on Google Maps

    Last years Halloween Time Flys Display at the Ramers was found on google maps.,-121.734714&spn=0.000506,0.000685&t=h&z=21 What else can you find???
  6. Patrick Carroll

    MJ West Coast Discounts inclduing Dodger stadium!!!

    West Coast Monster Jam Ticket discounts Including UT,AZ,WA,OR,CA,& ID Which shows a Dodger Stadium show on 2-19-11 which means LA area will get 4 shows this year with the 3 Anahiems and San Deigo is only 1.5 hrs south...
  7. Patrick Carroll

    As seen on Time Square Cam -Airforce Afterburner -LIVE 8-26-10 Check out Cam 11 in Times Square today as you can see the Airforce display with Afterburner and A-10 display truck.
  8. Patrick Carroll

    Show Related 1st Annual Central Coast Motorsports Spectacular Parade Adversting for Aug 1 show.

    This last Saturday. Time Flys was in the Como Del Rodeo Parade in Salinas adversting for the 1st Annual Central Coast Motorsports Spectacular on Aug 1 at the sports plex in Salinas,Ca Show info
  9. Patrick Carroll

    Truck Related Story behind Time Fly's Donate Life Flag

    Picture of Time Flys from Victorville,Ca in the pits. You can see the Donate Life Flag clearly in this picture. The reason of the Donate Life Flag, is something that has hit home here and we are trying to bring awareness to the need of Organ Donors. As many of you may know thru...
  10. Patrick Carroll

    Truck Related Motorhome/ with Trailer still for sale... Reduced Price

    Orignally posted on 9-4-2009 FOR SALE 2005 Travelite Motorhome Professionally Built 20' motorhome plus overcab loft Rear Bedroom Full Size Shower, Toilet Refigerator, Sink, Stovetop, Microwave Folding Couch, Dinette that also converts into a bed Large overcab sleeping area Lots of...
  11. Patrick Carroll

    "Monster Jam 2011" The Video Game...
  12. Patrick Carroll

    Monster Patrol on America's worst drivers next Sunday 3/28

    On Travel channels show America's wrost driver from Chicago will have the loser's car crushed by Monster Patrol.. It should be @ 10 local time in Travel Channel.
  13. Patrick Carroll

    Nice Balhan Article online

    Nice little article on Balhan!!!
  14. Patrick Carroll

    Great Article with our own Beerman!!!

    Check out Scott Dougless weekly article on Monster Jam as he talks to one of our own Beerman!
  15. Patrick Carroll

    K'NEX Brands Announces New Licensing Partnership with Monster Jam

    Seen this posted on Monster Truck But wanted to share with everyone that is not members there. This got my son exicted as I told him about it.
  16. Patrick Carroll

    Off-Topic Update on Patrick

    Patrick asked if I would update you all one what is going on. Since some of you are on his facebook page, you know he's in the hospital. What he hasn't said is how serious it all is. In July he was in the hospital with congestive heart failure. Since then go got worse. Wednesday he had an...
  17. Patrick Carroll

    Salinas Results

    Wheelie Contest winner Max D Round 1 Racing FQ Max D bye run Krunch broke Blue Thunder vs Obsession = Obsession Digger vs Tropical = Digger TMNT vs Patriot = TMNT Escalade vs EL Mad = Escalade Round 2 Max D vs fast loser Patriot = Max D Digger vs TMNT = Digger Escalade vs...
  18. Patrick Carroll

    Salinas Roll Call

    Salinas Monster Jam Roll Call This coming Sunday.
  19. Patrick Carroll

    Heads UP... New Monster Jam on Tv Today

    Anahiem # 1 racing will be on Speed [email protected] 6 Pm EST . The racing with the cool track this year!! Finally Anahiem gets on TV... Should be a great show with Tom and Pablo along with the TV debut of Time Flys!!!
  20. Patrick Carroll

    Tacoma Results Thead... All Weekend..

    Tacoma Result Thread.. for all Weekend....5 shows... Friday night show... Intros @ 740 PM PST Line Up Natural High - Gary Schott Jr Airborne Ranger - Captain Joe Time Flys - Kelvin Ramer J. Attack- Kristi Edge Maniac- Don Frankish Captain Usa - Jeff Baniter Donkey Kong - Frank K...