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    Zimmer to Digger Look at the bottom. Last name at the list of drivers.
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    CFP in Pocatello?

    Any updates? I know the show was last night and I know some members went, so anyone have any results or pictures or videos? I was very intrigued with the track concept.
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    The Official WF XIII Video Thread!

    I remember last time the vids got spread between like 6 different posts, so I'd figure I'd make this thread just for WF XIII vids.
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    Show Related Electronic Timing Being Used at World Finals XIII

    I'm not sure if this has been talked about yet, but after watching this video 2:14 I guess Monster Jam is using electronic timing at the World Finals. Anyone know if this has been done...
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    Show Related Young Guns Shootout Announced

    "Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam announces the Young Guns Shootout, taking place exclusively during the Friday night Double Down program at the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals presented by NGK Spark Plugs. The Young Guns Shootout will feature eight drivers who have two years or less...
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    Info Freestyle MX Mad Mike Jones and Monster Trucks?

    Anyone have anymore info on this? I saw Mad Mike do FMX at the Charleston MJ last night and went to search for info on him and stumbled upon this story where they talk about him driving monster trucks. (Interview from 09)...
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    Show Related Charleston Monster Jam Question

    So, I was looking at the Monster Jam website for information on the Charleston, WV Monster Jam and the line up is USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Gary Porter, Monster Mutt? driven by Whit Tarlton, Aftershock driven by Bob Robbins, Krazy Train driven by Mark Noto, ***...
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    MustRead Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'd just like to wish everyone and their families a happy thanksgiving!
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    BWP Live Feed?

    Will the BWP Live Feed ever make a come back?
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    Live feed for Salisbury, MD?

    Yeah title says it all basically, will there be a live online feed for CFP at Salisbury? I hope so. :)
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    Show Related Paint at TV events lacking?

    Is it just me or has it seemed like the paint at non-tv events in recent weeks been better looking than actual TV events? I mean look at the paint at San Antonio compared to Detroit, or Minny compared to Tampa.
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    Seriously now?

    This TRULY shows the double standard here at Mayhem. If this happened at a Feld event you guys would be all over it and the thread wouldn't be deleted. RIDICULOUS! Can't believe this bull crap. back to THE SUBJECT. And here I am Sean! First off, as much as I like CFP, in my personal...
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    First ride truck?

    I was looking at various ride trucks, and I began wondering who came up with the concept, and what the first ride truck was. Does anyone have any idea?
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    Brandon Lambert featured in tough jobs

    Carthartt has a tough jobs thing going on, and Max. D. Crew chief Brandon Lambert is one of the featured people.
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    Monster Jam Live on TV?

    I apologize in advance, but I have been looking for this thread for about a half hour now and I can't find anything? Any updates?
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    Question on this picture?

    So, for lack of a better topic/question, what happened here and when did this happen?
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    Truck Related Looking for contact info for Ohio teams

    I need to find some contact info for some ohio teams to see if I can get a guy down here to speak on the performance and safety of monster trucks at my school....Anyone?
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    Charleston, WV MJ Rollcall

    Anyone going? If I go(its not for sure yet) but if I go, it will be my first time seeing MTs in person since The Final Silverdome Show
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    Little Timmy Its got a chevy 350 bored and stroked.Hooker headers. Old exhaust pipes. MSD ignition. Nothin looks good under the hood. Its just a big beater. 700R4 trany,military axles. A jet chip out of a camaro. It has 66" AG tires on custom rims. Front axle is...