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  1. CMDeerfoot

    USA-1 Returns In 2015!

    THE RETURN OF A LEGEND Eagle Point, OR (October 13, 2014) - Monster X Tour and USA 1 4X4? have teamed up to bring you the RETURN of the USA-1 4X4? monster truck for 2015. Over the past few years, the Monster X Tour has been one of the most aggressive in the monster truck industry and is looking...
  2. CMDeerfoot

    Reptoid up for sale. Just saw this posted in a group on facebook, looks to be the entire operation including the name and body; not too bad of a deal I guess.
  3. CMDeerfoot

    2013 Fall Monster Truck Nationals at Dixie Speedway, Woodstock, Georgia

    Oh yeah, it's that time of year again; it's time for the monsters to return to Dixie on September 20th & 21st! This year marks the 19th installment of the Fall Monster Truck Nationals, and FMG is bringing a stacked line up to one of the most storied outdoor shows in the business; said line up is...
  4. CMDeerfoot

    Look what just popped up for sale... Kinda interesting to see what the truck would've looked like, it's a shame it never got finished.
  5. CMDeerfoot

    R.I.P. Drew Haygood

    I just came across some saddening news on facebook, Drew Haygood (the owner and driver of Desperado) has lost his battle with cancer. I had been wondering why I hadn't seen him in any events lately, but I didn't think it was anything serious like this. My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go...
  6. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related Titan up for sale

    Just came across this in one of the facebook groups I'm in, gotta say this really caught me off guard.
  7. CMDeerfoot

    The New Terminator

    This was just posted in The Build Up group on facebook by Gary Schott Jr, and in my opinion it looks simply awesome! That old school 70's Chevy body looks sick on that new chassis, and speaking of the chassis, it kinda looks like an old style PEI but heavily modified. Either way, I'm...
  8. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related New Look For War Wizard

    The team held a poll on their new facebook page asking everyone what they wanted to see, and the overwhelming winner was a brand new scheme; and here, just posted by the team on said fb page, is the truck with the new look on display.
  9. CMDeerfoot

    New trucks and new looks coming to the Monster X Tour.

    Here's the new look for Bucked Up. The General will become American Graffiti, here's the concept rendering. And here the concept rendering for Reverse Racer.
  10. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related The Zombie

    Here's a teaser pic of the last new Monster Jam truck for the 2013 season. I'm honestly surprised their doing this, but since The Walking Dead is so popular it was bound...
  11. CMDeerfoot

    New Look For Captain's Curse.

    This was just posted by Monster Jam on their facebook page. Hmmmm, now where have I seen this look before....................;)
  12. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related Sneak peek of SMASHOSAURUS.

    The Toughest Monster Truck Tour just posted this pic on their facebook page, it's of a new truck that will be running nearly the entire TMTT schedule next year. I've got no idea of who owns it or will be driving it, but from what little you can see of it, it is definitely going to stand...
  13. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related The new Patriot

    Here are some pics of the new chassis for The Patriot, and I believe that they are the first pics posted anywhere of the new Racesource chassis; these pics were posted by Dan Rodoni on his facebook page. I gotta say, the new chassis looks awesome and I can't wait to see it run.
  14. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related High Maintenance sold, Perrin's calling it a career. I'd like to wish the Perrin's luck in all of their future endeavors, thank them for all of their hard work over the years, and praise them for their dedication to the sport we all love.
  15. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related Fanatic is coming back!

    For those of you who were fans of the original truck that was run by Larry and Arlene Edd, the name is coming back. Derek Edd and the crew at Edd Racing are building a brand new truck that should debut sometime next year. Here is a link to the teams facebook page where you can see pics of the...
  16. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related Tall Cool 1 Racer up for sale!

    Just saw this posted up in one of the mt related groups I'm in on facebook, here's the link to the ad; now pardon me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. Man, do I wish I had the money.............
  17. CMDeerfoot

    Show Related Monster Jam Atlanta (Georgia Dome) 2012 official thread.

    Scheduled to Appear GRAVE DIGGER – Dennis Anderson MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION – Kreg Christensen CAPTAIN’S CURSE – Alex Blackwell AAP GRINDER – Lupe Soza MADUSA – Debra Miceli LUCAS OIL CRUSADER – Linsey Weenk MONSTER MUTT DALMATIAN – Candice Jolly STONE CRUSHER – Steve Sims HOOKED – Bryan Wright WAR...
  18. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related Sheriff ride truck for sale.
  19. CMDeerfoot

    Promoter Related Hmmmmm.......well, this could be very interesting.

    It would seem that MLMT might just be rising from the ashes.
  20. CMDeerfoot

    Truck Related Monster Jam to debut new latin themed truck.

    Here's what the post on MJ's facebook page said: Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! You asked for it and now you got it! Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam honors its Latino fans during Hispanic Heritage Month with a BRAND NEW Latin truck! In just 10 days, we'll be launching a contest so that you the...