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  1. theace27

    For Sale New Era Clodbuster roller

    I have a New Era Clodbuster up for grabs. This truck has never been run. I recently got this from a friend of mine who bought it nearly 20 years ago. He assembled it and it sat on display in his hot rod shop (why it is so dusty). The truck is in super nice condition, the aluminum does need some...
  2. theace27

    For Sale Nylint Spiker's trucks

    2 really nice condition Nylint Spiker's trucks. You know what these are selling for these days when they do hit Ebay. Anyone interested shoot me an email: [email protected]
  3. theace27

    Official Monster Truck collection gallery

    Hey guys, I thought it was about time we start a collection gallery thread. I know a lot of guys out there have some really cool stuff in their collections as far as merch goes, shirts, hats, toys etc. Anyway post them here. I will start this off with my latest addition to my shelf, a full set...
  4. theace27

    Japan Monster Trucks

    Well after many years of searching a family friend of mine who is Japanese has helped me locate and talk with the owner of the old Copenhagen Crusher truck. What he has informed me is that all the other monster trucks that went over to Japan (Samson 1, Rollin Thunder, Fly N Eagle, PA Mountain...
  5. theace27

    Lil Thumper mini monster

    Not too sure if this was ever posted to discussed before but here is some relatively newer footage of Earl Dagit's old Lil Thumper mini monster. This has to be one of the craziest minis ever built. I'd have loved to have seen a showdown between Lil Thump and Baby Cyclops...
  6. theace27

    reproduction Lanard King Kong decals

    Hot off the press. I finished up and printed these King Kong decals, which turned out awesome!!! I have a few extra sets if anyone is interested.
  7. theace27

    reproduction Bigfoot SST decals

    After having a really nice SST Bigfoot sitting on my shelf with peeling decals I thought since I had some success with re-popping the Stomper Bully decals that I thought I would try the Bigfoot ones. A good friend of mine scanned me his SST decal sheet for my starting point. With a bit or work I...
  8. theace27

    Stomper Bully re-production decals

    Hey guys, I am offering up a few sets of re-production second generation white Stomper Bully decals. These are exact to the originals!! I should have a few sets of the first gen by next week as well as second gen yellow decals. The only difference between the white and yellow sec. gens are the...
  9. theace27

    RC Retro Carolina Crusher body for sale
  10. theace27

    High Dollar Nylint Eagle!

    I usually don't post Ebay auction but I had to post this. This has blown my mind for the last few days. Is this really what the going price for these trucks are to date? 200 bucks and still 17 hrs left in the auction. WOW!!!!! I have a mint Eagle and a mint All American complete with the box...
  11. theace27

    Tomy "Rip, Rockin' Rollers" monster trucks

    Was wondering if anyone has any of these or remembers them. I had all 3 trucks back in the 80's but they are long gone. There was a Jeep, Van and Pickup in the set and they had a rip cord at the back to start them up. They were really cool monster truck toys. I was looking for pics of them.
  12. theace27

    The Hawk "New old skool monster"

    Hey guys, I was on Jeff Cook's website and it looks like the boys are cooking up another cool truck!! Check it out!
  13. theace27

    Off-Topic R.I.P. Mike Starr

    Just thought I would post this as I know there are a lot of music fans here as well. Mike Starr original bassist for Alice In Chains died today. I have been a huge Alice in Chains fan since the first time I heard them back in 1992. Mike left that band shortly after that but battled drugs most of...
  14. theace27

    Gets the blood boiling!!!

    I probably don't need to say much about how much I hate the people in the clip, with the exception of Tony Hawk. That Hal Sparks guy.... I can't say on here what I would want to do to him if I ever met him in person!! :Eyedrop: There are some good clips in the segment but who ever edited it...
  15. theace27

    Psycho pulling truck (the last stand)

    As anyone who knows me Psycho has to be one of my most favorite old skool pullers of all time. I mean it even shows in the way my Fargo A-100 is built. For the last 14 years I have been actively searching for the where abouts of the truck. Over the years I have had many leads and all of them...
  16. theace27

    WANTED: Tamiya Bullhead/Clod parts

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone out there has a set of chrome ladder bars from the Tamiya Bullhead? Or has aftermarket chrome ladder bars for the Clod Buster? Same parts however. I am looking for a full set or pair of them in near mint condition. Also looking for the chrome battery covers...
  17. theace27

    Big, Bad and Bouncy II

    Hey guys, I am 99% sure this stuff was part of the Big, Bad and Bouncy II truck from here in Ontario. These parts are being sold from someone in Belleville Ontario which is where Dave Hopkins and Big, Bad and Bouncy II hailed from. Sad to see that this truck got parted out. I have sent the...
  18. theace27

    Old Skool Project

    Not too sure how many of you guys go to Wildman Jeff's website so I thought I would post this link. He started building a International Harvester Scout II into a monster truck back in 1990 but never finished it. I guess he is planning on finishing it up now. Here is the link to the project...
  19. theace27

    Monster Truck trading cards

    Hey guys, I am looking at completing my 1990 Classic MT card set. I am looking for 3,4,10,12,22,25,30,33,35,40,46,55,57,60,74,87,102,114,115. I am also looking for the following Leesley Bigfoot cards. 8,21,27,28,2932,34,36,39,45,52,53.54,55,63,71,83,86,87,92. Any help would be great!! Thanks.
  20. theace27

    Wendy's Classic Crusher/War Wagon

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what happened with this truck? I think I remember hearing it was parted out and sold off but thought I would ask about it again. This picture is from video I shot at Bigfoot's back in 1990. The truck was sitting out back of the shop. There is a picture on...